How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Burglary

How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Burglary

Kent police have some sterling advice to offer if you wish to take every precaution to avoid becoming the victim of a burglary.

Avoid Being A Victim Of Burglary In London Or Kent

Two of the top recommendations from Kent Police, to help you avoid being a victim of burglary, are to install a visible burglar alarm and to install outside security lighting.

Naturally, you would expect us to say that, since we are in the business of selling and installing burglar alarms and security lighting. However, even we find it distressing when we have new customers contact us to discuss the installation of a burglar alarm only AFTER they have suffered a burglary.

Prevention is better than a cure” is a well-known phrase, but in the case of a burglary there may be no cure.

Sentimental Value

If you lose items of sentimental value (even though they may be insured and, in many cases, have little monetary value) they cannot be replaced.

Many people simply do not seem to understand that a highly visible burglar alarm is a form of insurance. They cheerfully pay insurance premiums for loss of or damage to items in the home. They pay insurance for their home itself, yet somehow fail to make the connection between installing a burglar alarm and the huge advantage it gives when a potential burglar takes a look at your home.

To begin with, you have no idea when a suspicious looking individual walks past your house if he is just walking past or “sizing you up” as a potential target. It is pretty obvious that if your neighbour has a nice big alarm box on his wall and you don’t, your average burglar is going to select the easiest property to break into.

In this case, yours.

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You Want To Take It Easy


Burglar alarms aside, there is nothing like security lighting triggered by a passive infra-red detector. There is not a burglar in the world who would not run a mile if he approached your home in the dead of night only to find himself lit up by the equivalent of a searchlight and visible to anyone at all. If you’re in the house, these lights turning on will alert you to any possible danger.

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Certainly, installing a burglar alarm and security lighting has a cost involved. However, many insurance companies will offer a discount on premiums if you have this security, because they know full well it reduces their chances of having to pay you as you’re less likely to be burgled. Over a short period of time you will save the cost of the alarm installation, and have peace of mind!

Intruder alarms and security lighting are a good start to burglary prevention. To continue giving your home the best chance, read our top tips on how to avoid being burgled.

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