What Is A Wifi CCTV Camera?

What Is A Wifi CCTV Camera?

Choosing from the many types of security cameras available on the market is hard, from the Wifi CCTV camera to the wired, there are many differences between individual models too.

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So let’s concentrate on what a Wifi CCTV camera actually is.

In short, a Wifi CCTV camera is different because of the way it sends its image to your DVR (the box that connects to your monitor, allowing you to see the video).

For example, a typical wired system sends the image through cables, whether that’s through analogue signals (which is fairly outdated now), or digitally. These cables will need to run from each camera in your home to your DVR and so can be messy to install.

Conversely, a wireless system will send the signals through analogue radio waves or digital signals.

These two types of Wireless Camera are not the same.

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A digital Wifi camera uses a LAN. A LAN is this instance is just like your home internet set-up; the signals from all of the cameras are sent to the LAN and then relayed to your monitoring station – whether that’s your mobile, computer or DVR.

An Analogue wireless camera sends its image through analogue radio waves, which are an older technology.

The Wifi camera is better than your typical analogue camera as the Digital signal can contain a lot more detail. However, Wifi cameras are less secure than other digital wireless cameras as they are far easier for hackers to break into.

For this reason, we don’t recommend Wifi security cameras.

Can you still view your CCTV online without a Wifi CCTV camera?


In fact, with the CCTV systems we install, you can view you footage online using a smart phone. All you have to do is download a handy app and you can even view the footage on holiday!

All of these considerations and you haven’t even decided whether you want your camera to have Night Vision or be ANPR enabled! There’s more too, what kind of casing do you want your camera to have? Where is the best place for it to be positioned when you do buy it?

It’s a headache choosing the best CCTV system for you, but we’re here to make it easier.

How To Get The Best System For You

Just book a free home or business survey with us where our engineers will devise a CCTV solution that’s tailored to your specific needs.

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