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When Home Invasion Devastates Lives

For some home owners, a burglary is much more than the theft of a few personal items, they view the whole traumatic incident as a home invasion.

As the old saying goes, an Englishman’s home is his castle and suddenly the perimeter has been breached.

A stranger has invaded your personal space, touched your belongings and place a huge question mark over the security of everyone who lives inside your four walls.

Sadly, the stress and anxiety of this horrible event can linger for years afterwards – for adults and children alike.

Any form of burglary is bad news and can be extremely distressing, but if we look at it in the cold light of day, if someone steals your HDTV you can always go out and buy another one.

Insurance Tip: It is best to make sure that your insurance policy is of the “new for old” type: the premiums are a little greater, but at least you will get back what you have lost. We’ve teamed up with the Brownhall Insurance Group so give them a call to get the best advice!

So Much For The TV

So much for your TV. What if someone steals your mobile or your tablet?

This is far more personal.

You have personal information on those: contact numbers and emails of friends, relatives, people with whom you do business, shops you visit, your hairdresser, boyfriend, girlfriend and much more. You will also very likely have personal photos and other things that you treasure on them.

Your insurance will cover the cost of a new mobile or tablet, but what it can never do is replace all of your lost information.

It could take you hours or even days entering all of that on to a replacement device. That is assuming that you can remember it all. Most people can’t, because these days we rely on our phones, tablets and laptops to remember it for us.

Then again, even supposing that you could remember all that, how can you possibly recover things like photos? You can’t.

It gets worse. You can’t replace a piece of favourite jewellery, family heirlooms and items that may not have much intrinsic value, but have deep sentimental value.


Home Invasion Can Affect You Mentally

Just the very fact that a stranger has been in your home can have a deep and traumatic effect on many people. We know this because, sadly, in our business we see it on a routine basis.

We know of people who have been burgled and have not lost very much in the way of possessions, yet have instantly felt so uncomfortable in their own home that they have actually put it on the market and moved into a different town – often many miles away from family and friends.

Simply because a faceless criminal has raided their belongings and invaded their personal space.

We completely understand why families do this and have every sympathy for them. Many people come to ask us about home security only AFTER they have been burgled. It is a classic case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Certainly, we are in the business of security, so you would expect us to encourage everyone to install a burglar alarm, security lighting, and so on.

However, if you saw the fall-out and the mental torment of people affected by home invasion as often as we do, you would instantly understand why we are so passionate about staying safe. Especially as a burglary happens once every 37 seconds in Britain.

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We live in dangerous times. Anything that we can do to make our homes more secure will save a considerable number of tragedies.

We’re here to help you every step of the way

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We understand that you will want to do everything to ensure your home and family are safe. Our team will provide you with sound and honest advice on what is best for you, not what is most expensive.