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Welcome to Spy Academy, our own in-house training programme for recruits looking to train-up, learn new skills and join the Spy Alarms team as a qualified security engineer.

Every 6 months we aim to enrol between Five and Six recruits, training them in what it takes to design, plan, install, repair and maintain security systems.

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Training Overview

Our training course has been designed to give you the knowledge and understanding to design an electronic security system, giving you a solid step forward in the Security industry.

The course combines the necessary skills to design, plan, install, repair, service and maintain systems at the component level whilst gaining an understanding of the governing legislation. Our Academy includes:

  • Weekly Friday Club (Our internal training syllabus for Intruder Alarm Systems)
  • Monday to Thursday they will shadow a senior engineer
  • BTEC Level 3 - Mains compliance Course
  • BTEC Level 3 - Basic Electronics
  • BTEC Level 3 - Intruder Alarm Practical Course

BTEC Level 3

All successful trainee engineers will finish their academy training with a BTEC Level 3 certificate in three major training disciplines.


Our Training Facility

Our newly furnished training facility will provide trainee engineers a safe space to learn and gain confidence with their new found skills.

A safe space to build upon your new found skills

With tailor made workstations, you can begin with the basics and grow to be able to single-handedly design, install and maintain a wide range of electronic security systems.


How to apply

Looking to jump into a growing industry, develop new skills and earn while you learn? We recruit between Five to Six recruits every 6 months and welcome applications by contacting us on recruitment@spyalarms.co.uk

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