3 Ways Jenson Button Could Have Used Holiday Home Security

3 Ways Jenson Button Could Have Used Holiday Home Security

A few weeks ago, Jenson Button and his wife were robbed whilst staying with friends in a holiday home in the South of France.

It is believed that thieves put gas into their air conditioning system to knock out the holidaymakers. Then they broke in and stole valuables, including a £250,000 engagement ring.

But was there a way that Button could have avoided the £250k burglary?

We asked Darren Green, Spy Alarms’ Operations Director, what the owners could have done to protect their sleeping visitors by improving their holiday home security. Here’s what the professional suggested:

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3 Ways To Improve Holiday Home Security

1. Remote CCTV Systems

Whichever CCTV system you choose, it should have external beams or movement detectors to protect the perimeter of the house, linked to the Video receiving centre for Police or key holder response. Remember, the Police will only come out if two movement detectors are triggered. This avoids false alarms due to faulty sensors.

The CCTV can also be configured to activate a PA system where the monitoring station operative can verbally warn any intruders.

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2. Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection on the intruder alarm system with vibration sensors, break glass sensors or door contacts for key holder response or police response.

3. External Beams

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For balcony areas, we would suggest external beams, which trigger the alarm system or alert your monitoring station if anything passes through them. This is ideal for those hot summer nights when you want to leave the big double doors open but don’t want to experience an unwanted visitor.

So there, that’s how Button could have avoided the £250k burglary with just a few improvements to his holiday home security system. But, with intruders using even more advanced methods to enter our houses, this type of system would be a good idea for any luxury home containing large quantities of valuables, not just a celebrity’s.

Safeguard your valuables!

And it’s only a matter of time before burglary takes its toll on your street.

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