A House/Business Burglar Alarm is Going Off – What Can I do?

I was walking to work recently when the burglar alarm of a house on the other side of the road suddenly sprang into life with a strident alarm that cut through the birds singing on a beautiful spring morning.

I wasn’t sure what to do.

There was no obvious sign of activity but the alarm kept on ringing. My own system is such that the bell will keeping going for about 20 minutes and then cease, leaving just the tell-tale changed colour of the flashing light underneath the box. My neighbours know that the procedure we have agreed is that, if they hear the bell, they will stand at the gate and look for anything obviously untoward and, if something doesn’t feel right, then call the police on their non-emergency number. Otherwise, to give me a call and I will come home. Under no circumstances are any of the elderly residents to enter the house or attempt to tackle any possible intruders. (more…)

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Reduction of False Fire Alarm Activations

Advice from Kent Fire and Rescue on how to reduce false fire alarms

If there is definitely no fire:

  • silence the fire alarm but do not reset the control panel as this will cancel the indications required for investigation purposes
  • check the indications on the control panel and establish the area (zone) of the building where the fire alarm originated from. Your system may also indicate the precise location of the actuated device
    as soon as possible after the unwanted alarm occurred, visit the area and locate the break glass call point, heat or smoke detector that has been actuated
  • attempt to establish the reason why the call point or detector was actuated. It is also useful to talk to people who were in the vicinity of the actuated device when the alarm occurred. Ask them if they know what happened and why. However it may be necessary to investigate further to determine the real cause e.g. vandalism or accidental damage to a break glass call point or insects entering a smoke detector


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CCTV Systems for the Home and Office in Kent

"CCTV-systems-for-the-home"Continually hearing stories on the News about people being attacked in their homes has led to the perception that the world has become less safe. This, in turn, has amplified the public’s need to put in place a variety of security measures.

Some will decide to make it harder to scale their perimeter fences with the judicious use of trellis and prickles, whilst others will opt for canine protection with a guard dog. But for many, the route that makes them feel happiest is the installation of electronic surveillance and security equipment.

As a result, sales of CCTV Systems for the home and the office in Kent have increased steadily over the last few years. The composition of these installations can range from a single lens sited above the front door to a series of multiple cameras placed both inside and outside the property or premises, recording digitally onto a hard drive with built in CD/DVD writer.

The most obvious reason for installing a CCTV System is as a deterrent, since thieves who are actively looking for properties to burgle will be far less likely to pick yours if the house next door does not have an obvious CCTV camera keeping an eye on what is going on within its lens’s reach.

Another great point in favour of having CCTV cameras fitted externally is that, if you do get burgled or there is anti-social activity in the street outside, the images captured can be submitted to the police or local council and provide a useful piece of evidence to assist in tracking down the culprits involved. (more…)

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