CCTV Systems To Protect Your Business Over The Winter Months

CCTV Systems To Protect Your Business Over The Winter Months

Following LV’s announcement of police data on burglaries and break-ins, many businesses are also looking at their security systems.

The long, dark nights of November have become the peak month for burglaries. But that doesn’t mean that you are safe in January. The generosity of Father Christmas can be a real windfall for burglars.

And it’s not just houses and flats that are vulnerable.

With working hours extending beyond sunset, there are opportunities for criminals to get onto the premises unnoticed.

Are your employees safe on the premises once it gets dark?

Fear of crime or vandalism and employee safety are two reasons why many commercial buildings benefit from a CCTV system.

It’s a proven fact that criminals are less likely to take a chance when faced with a security camera.

Is your CCTV clock correct?

An article recently drew our attention to the number of CCTV clocks which were showing the incorrect time.

The fall back to GMT means that many are an hour behind.

In most cases, this is either an oversight or because no one knows how to change the clock.

But it could become vital if pictures from your camera were required for a legal case.

The case of Millie Dowler showed how crucial CCTV camera footage can be in a criminal investigation. With incorrect data on the stills, it would have been impossible to work out the timeline. They would not have been able to isolate Millie’s whereabouts down to minutes. And they would not have been able to place her murderer’s car in the vicinity at the same time.

Why choose Spy Alarms to install a CCTV System for your business?

CCTV Sevenoaks

Our HD CCTV cameras mean that you get a much better image and a wider view of what’s going on around your premises.

Combined with a 24/7 monitoring package, your business is always under a watchful eye.

And, of course, our regular System Maintenance means that your clock will always be showing the correct time.


Protect your business with the installation of CCTV

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We work closely with some of the industries manufacturers which means our customers will gain access the latest in CCTV technology to protect their property. For a FREE site survey, please get in touch with our Kent or London team today.