Do I Really Need A Cigarette Smoke Detector?

Do I Really Need A Cigarette Smoke Detector?

There are many instances where you might want a cigarette smoke detector, if you’re a landlord, a head teacher, a business owner, a doctor in a hospital…

And, there are some products on the market that are specifically marketed for this purpose.

But do you actually need a cigarette smoke detector?

If you already have a business or home smoke alarm system, then probably not.

Smoke alarm systems can include up to around four different types of alarms in different places in your building. Some are better for the kitchen, some for landings or hallways and others for garages. For more information about the different types of smoke alarms check out our quick guide.

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The problem with relying on your current smoke detector to be a cigarette smoke detector is that it might not be the optimal alarm for the job.

Detectors that are heat sensors for example are less likely to pick up the smoke as by the time it has risen to the ceiling it has had plenty of time to cool.

The two types of alarm that are usually associated with detecting tobacco smoke are the ionisation alarms and the optical alarms.

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Ionisation Alarms

This is because these alarms are particularly sensitive to the types of smoke that are produced by paper, timber and other smokes that have small particles in them.

This alarm is set off when particles of smoke get between two metal plates in the detector chamber and block a small electric current. Read more on the science behind these alarms here!

Optical Alarms

The other alarm that could be used as a cigarette smoke detector is an optical alarm.

These alarms are activated when smoke interrupts a beam of light between its LED source and the sensor. The alarm is effectively looking for the shadow of the smoke particles.

Why is it important to know about these alarms?

Well, because there are some people out there that will charge you an extortionate rate to buy a system you might not need!

If you’ve already got a smoke alarm system, or are looking to have one fitted, then you can just add these types of alarms into the package! This will save you from having two separate systems.

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Expert Fire Alarm Installers

Here at Spy Alarms, we regularly install fire alarms for both business and home use. Our engineers are BAFE and FIA certified meaning that you get the best protection possible.

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