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Intruder Alarms London

Bexley Burglar Alarm Service Testimonial 

... thank you very much to Peter who attended to carry out my burglar alarm service this morning. Peter was on time, polite and helpful. He was a real gentlemen and a credit to the company. Mr Webb, Bexley

Video Entry Systems Kent

3 Reasons Landlords Need A Video Door Entry System 

A video door entry system is a great way to protect a property from unwanted visitors and Landlords, in particular, can take advantage of having them installed within their properties. Here are three reasons landlords should have a video door entry system. Video Door Entry Systems Protect Your Property Letting your tenants know who is at […]

CCTV Installer Kent

HD Night Vision CCTV Cameras For Your Home 

When you get a CCTV system you don't want it to stop working at night, that's why night vision CCTV cameras were invented. Normal CCTV cameras don't have the capability to see very well in the dark, if the area you're looking at isn't lit incredibly well then these cameras probably wont give you the […]

Intruder Alarm Kent

Orpington Pet Friendly Alarm System Testimonial 

One of our engineers, Graham, was sent out to perform a survey for a pet friendly alarm sensor in Orpington. Here's what our customer had to say about the experience:   Thank you for arranging the appointment for Graham to come and survey my requirement for the installation of one pet friendly sensor. I found Graham very […]

Alarm Monitoring Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells Intruder Alarm and Monitoring Testimonial 

Many thanks to Chris for his full day installing our alarm system on Tuesday....such a lovely, polite and well mannered young man! It was such a long day for him and I must admit I was a little worried at times about my new decoration but he worked so hard and hardly took a break. […]

Intruder Alarms London

Locksbottom, BR6 Intruder Alarm Call-Out Testimonial 

I have to say we received exceptional service yesterday. Clive the engineer was on site within 30 minutes of me making the call and he was extremely efficient sorting out and replacing the unit. SM at Locksbottom, BR6

Alarm Maintenance London

Beckenham Intruder Alarm Bell Maintenance Testimonial 

... just phoned to say thank you very much to Dean. He was exceptional, very helpful and a lovely young man. I cannot praise him enough. Mr Murray, Beckenham

Home Security Kent

How To Secure Your Home – Spy Alarms Top Tips 

When considering how to secure your home, there are a few very obvious things to bear in mind. However, the problem is that many people either don’t think about them or simply just forget them. It has to be said that, in the 21st century, you have to think “security” at all times. You only need to […]

Fire Alarm Installer Kent

Battery vs Mains Heat Detector – Pros & Cons 

If you are considering the purchase of heat detectors for your home or business, you will have noticed that you can have a battery operated model (which is usually the cheaper option) or a mains heat detector, and you may be wondering which is the best. Heat detectors are the best option in places where […]

Security Company Kent

Christmas Burglaries Ruin The Magic For Your Children 

It’s nearly Christmas and your children are getting excited at the thought of unwrapping their presents! But they aren't the only ones. Unfortunately burglars too are rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of unwrapping your child’s presents. Presents Increase Christmas Burglaries All those parcels are practically begging to be sold on for quick […]

Fire Alarm Maintenance London

Do I Really Need A Cigarette Smoke Detector? 

There are many instances where you might want a cigarette smoke detector, if you’re a landlord, a head teacher, a business owner, a doctor in a hospital… And, there are some products on the market that are specifically marketed for this purpose. But do you actually need a cigarette smoke detector? If you already have a business […]

Alarm Maintenance Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells Intruder Alarm Maintenance Contract Testimonial 

I was very impressed with the engineer's service level Mr Greenwood, Tunbridge Wells, Kent - Alarm Maintenance Visit

Access Control Kent

Which Door Entry System Do You Need? 

Whether it's for your business or a home, there are a number of reasons why you might need a door entry system. Apart from any other consideration, door entry systems are easy and inexpensive to install, and they give you a considerable amount of extra security. It is a somewhat sad comment on the state of […]

Security Installers Kent

When Home Invasion Devastates Lives 

For some home owners, a burglary is much more than the theft of a few personal items, they view the whole traumatic incident as a home invasion. As the old saying goes, an Englishman's home is his castle and suddenly the perimeter has been breached. A stranger has invaded your personal space, touched your belongings […]

Commercial Security London

Spy Alarms Stadium Security – Match Sponsors At Charlton Vs Huddersfield 

  For several years Spy Alarms have been maintaining the stadium security systems for Charlton Athletic Football Club in South London. So it was a great pleasure to get to sponsor a recent match against Huddersfield a year after sponsoring a game against Wolves. Last time we were treated to a thrilling game of two halves which ended […]

Alarm Installers Tonbridge

Swift Alarms in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge 

Since the take over of SwiftSafyre (formerly Swift Alarms), Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge customers have been getting their burglar alarm services from us at Spy Alarms. We have continued to employ all the engineers associated with the contracts acquired from Swift Alarms, along with key members of the support desk.  The result of this merger is […]

CCTV Installer Sevenoaks

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Home CCTV At Christmas 

Home CCTV can play an important role in protecting the joy of holidays throughout the year, but there's one holiday that's bigger than any other in Britain, and that's Christmas. In 2014 billions of pounds were spent on gifts in the UK and having home CCTV at Christmas can have some pretty obvious benefits related […]

Fire ALarms Kent

Heat Detectors Or Smoke Alarms – What’s The Difference? 

Buying a smoke alarm or heat detectors used to be an easy thing to do... Yet now there are four main types of alarm, the job of protecting your family has become that little bit harder. Knowing which detectors to install and the best place for them to go can be the difference between getting out of […]

Security Company South London

Spy Alarms & Brownhill Insurance Group in Joint Venture 

  Spy Alarms is excited to be part of a Joint Venture with fellow local business, Brownhill Insurance Group, to bring quality home and business security to your property. Brownhill Insurance Group have specialised in Commercial, Home, High Net Worth and Art insurance for over three decades.  They have won several local business awards and […]

Security Company Kent

Spy Alarms Acquires Kent-Based SwiftSafyre Fire & Security Systems 

Spy Alarms are excited to announce that we have recently acquired SwiftSafyre Fire & Security Systems of Goudhurst in Kent. We are pleased to have continued to employ all engineers associated with the contracts acquired and also key members of the support desk. We look forward to the enlarged business being able to offer improved […]

Alarms Maidstone

What are PIR sensors and why are they are so effective? 

A PIR, or passive infra-red detector, is a motion sensor used in business and home security systems. It uses an infrared sensor to check for movement at all times of day. The sensor sees movement by monitoring temperature changes in its field of view. If a person walks in front of the sensor then the […]

Security Company Kent

Security Lighting Testimonial, Sidcup, Kent 

Thank you so much for your help with the security lighting... The guys were so lovely and very friendly...the garden one just came on when I went there...made me smile as we've been without them so long...forgotten what it was to have them...please pass my thanks to them both Caron Robertson, Sidcup, Kent

Security Installers Kent

How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Burglary 

Kent police have some sterling advice to offer if you wish to take every precaution to avoid becoming the victim of a burglary.

Fire Alarms South London

A Guide To Fire Alarm Installations In Public Buildings 

If you've ever started a business then you'll know that the installation of a fire alarm system should be undertaken in accordance with British Standard 5839 fire alarm regulations and should only ever be undertaken by a qualified installer. Here's a taste of what you're up against...

Home Security London

3 Ways Jenson Button Could Have Used Holiday Home Security 

A few weeks ago, Jenson Button and his wife were robbed whilst staying with friends in a holiday home in the South of France. It is believed that thieves put gas into their air conditioning system to knock out the holidaymakers. Then they broke in and stole valuables, including a £250,000 engagement ring. But was […]

Alarms Sevenoaks

Rosemary, Sevenoaks: Burglar Alarm Extended Guarantee Testimonial 

When an alarm went rogue in Sevenoaks, our engineers were there to help save the day. Here's what our customer, Rosemary, had to say about her experience:   Thank you so much for this extended guarantee and also for all the wonderful support you gave me during the very trying 3 days with my dodgy alarm […]

Alarms Kent

Mrs Patell, Erith – Burglar Alarm Installation Testimonial 

Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help with my Mum recently, I know it wasn't easy.  Much appreciated. Mrs Patell, Erith

Intruder Alarms Bexley

A Guide To Pet-Friendly Burglar Alarm Systems 

As a nation of pet lovers, it’s not surprising that we are often asked the question: “If I install a burglar alarm, will my cat or dog set it off?”

Burglar Alarms Kent

The Difference Between Wired & Wireless Intruder Alarms 

If you are considering the installation of an intruder alarm system for your business, you are probably aware that you can have a wired or a wireless system. However, you may not have thought about the advantages and disadvantages of each. As NSI Gold Alarm Installers we have the skill to help you to make […]

Intruder Alarms Bexleyheath

Mrs Trafford, Bexleyheath – Intruder Alarm Maintenance Testimonial 

I am writing to thank you following the resolution of problems with my intruder alarm. I would also like to thank your team of engineers and the staff from the service desk ... who handled my telephone calls. It is reassuring to know that the problem was treated in a professional and supportive manner. Mrs […]


5 Benefits Of HD CCTV Cameras For Your Business 

Crisp and clear images can make the difference between catching a criminal red-handed, and letting them get away with your possessions. How many of us have watched CCTV camera footage on the local news and thought, 'I can't see his/her face'? Sometimes, it seems a miracle that these fuzzy suspects are ever caught and questioned […]

Alarm Maintenance Kent

What Is A Burglar Alarm Maintenance Contract? 

A burglar alarm maintenance contract is a contract between the owner of a burglar alarm and a security company. A high-quality alarm system can decrease your chances of becoming a victim of crime. Therefore, it's a priority for the equipment to be working properly at all times. However, burglar alarms are like any other electrical […]

Security Installer Kent

Why Safecontractor Accreditation Helps Businesses 

With almost every passing week, it seems there is more and more health and safety legislation enacted. This can make it very difficult for businesses to keep up.

security company sevenoaks

Burglary Figures For Sevenoaks Town And St John’s, Kent 

Crime statistics for the year June 2014 to May 2015 have just been issued by Kent Police, and they make gloomy reading. Overall, there were 1,919 crimes of all types carried out in the town over the year, or 37 every single week. From all outward appearances, the casual observer might consider the town is […]

Security Installer South London

Latest Crime Stats For Hadlow, Mereworth And West Peckham 

Kent Police have just issued the latest crime stats for Hadlow, Mereworth and West Peckham for the year from June 2014 to May 2015. They make pretty shocking reading. This is what you would have thought was a quiet country area with a few villages and a lot of fields. Crime Stats for Hadlow, Mereworth […]

Home Security Kent

What Safecontractor Approved Means To Homeowners 

As a homeowner, although you may not realise it, current UK legislation means that, when you use a contractor – whether it is to do some plumbing, roofing, electrical work, installing a security system, glazing, or even gardening – you can be held responsible for the failings of that contractor. As a very simple example, […]

Fire Protection Kent

Fire Hazards At Home – Stay Safe With Our Checklist 

The average modern home is full of mobile phones, laptops, and other electrical devices. Although it's fantastic to be surrounded by technology that makes life easier, do we ever really think about the possible risks? Electrical equipment can spark a fire within seconds if paired with a faulty or incorrect charger! Why take the risk […]

Intruder Alarms Kent

Protecting Yourself Against Intruders The legal way 

Here at Spy Alarms, we are dedicated to giving homeowners the best security advice and protection available. As crime statistics rise, more and more residents are taking action to protect their possessions. What happens when you wake at 4 AM, only to be faced with a stranger in your home? Would you know how to […]

Security Company Kent

Burglary Stats For Westerham and Biggin Hill 

You could be forgiven for thinking that Westerham and Biggin Hill are sleepy little places where not much happens. Read on to find out the latest crime statistics for these areas! Burglary stats for Westerham Westerham, located at the bottom of Westerham Hill, has a population of just 4,445. It has a pretty village green with […]

Security Installer Kent

Burglary Statistics For Old Bexley And Sidcup 

Old Bexley and Sidcup is a largely suburban area, sandwiched between industrial north Kent and densely populated south-east London. However, the burglary statistics make frightening reading, especially when you compare them to places like Brixton and Herne Hill in South London, where you would suppose that the figures would be far higher! Old Bexley & […]