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Commercial Security Kent

Security Suggestions For Golf Clubs 

If the burglar alarm on the house next door to yours goes off, it is very likely that, as a good neighbour, you would at the very least go and take a look.

Home Security Kent

Light Up Or Lose It This Winter As Burglary Rates Rise 

Kent Police have started a campaign to raise awareness of burglary risks during winter. According to the Freedom of Information data that Liverpool Victoria recently obtained from police, more burglaries occurred during November than any other month. Many suggest that this

Security Company London

The Perfect Match – Spy Alarms Sponsor Charlton Vs Wolves in London 

         Spy Alarms have been maintaining the security for Charlton Athletic Football Club in South London for several years. So it was a great pleasure to sponsor the recent match against Wolverhampton Wanderers on 16th September. Members of the Spy Alarms office and engineering team were delighted to join nearly 16,000 fans at […]

Security Company South London

Burglary Threat To South London Homes 

The Safer Neighbourhood Team was set up in April of 2004 to help the Metropolitan Police tackle anti-social behaviour and criminal activity. The aim was to address local concerns and issues and reduce crime to help Londoners feel safer and rebuild community trust in local policing. Safer Neighbourhood Teams in London Each ward is to have a Safer […]

Security Company Bedford

Spy Alarms Wins Prestigious NHBC Pride In The Job Award for Burglar Alarm Systems 

Spy Alarms are delighted to announce that we have been awarded an NHBC Pride In The Job Award for our burglar alarms. What is a Pride in the Job award? Pride in the Job is the most prestigious UK-wide competition that is dedicated to recognising and rewarding site managers who achieve the highest standards in […]

Home Alarms Kent

Choosing The Right Burglar Alarm Installers For Your Home 

  When deciding on a burglar alarm installer for your home, it is vitally important that you make the right choice. There are any number of businesses out there who describe themselves as security experts, but the truth is that many of them are one or two man businesses who might, or then again might […]

Home Alarms Kent

What To Do If You’ve Been Burgled 

There is probably nothing worse than the gut-wrenching feeling that you get when you come home to find that your house has been burgled. Drawers have been emptied all over the floor, ornaments may have been smashed or stolen, paintings and pictures gone, flat screen TV’s and DVD’s gone, money, jewellery and credit cards – […]

Home Security Kent

Burglary Statistics For Kent 2014 – The Good News And The Bad 

There is good news and bad news when it comes to the burglary statistics for Kent in 2014. The Police UK website shows that in the quarter to March 2014 burglary figures were down over the same period for 2013, and obviously the Police are keen to emphasise this point. Burglary Statistics for Kent 2014 […]

Security Company Charlton

Spy Alarms Renew Maintenance Contract With Charlton Athletic FC 

Long term Charlton Athletic supporter, Martin Foster, is delighted to announce that Charlton Athletic FC have renewed Spy Alarms' maintenance contract with the club in South East London for a further three years. Martin says: "We work with a wide range of sporting clubs across Kent, Sussex and London, providing efficient and economical security solutions […]

Security Company Sevenoaks

Sponsoring The Sam King Golf Day in Sevenoaks, Kent 

Spy Alarms are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring hole 15 in the Sam King Golf Day on Thursday 11th September at Knole Park Golf Club in Sevenoaks. Samuel King started out as a caddie at Knole Park in 1924 when he was just 14 years old. His home was close to the […]

Security Installers Kent

Making Sense Of Crime Figures – Crime down in England but up in Kent 

Some of the crime figures bandied about by politicians might give you cause to sleep easier in your bed. However, figures which show that things are improving might not be the whole truth… For instance, The Crime Survey England & Wales figures for the year ended September 2013 show that there were an estimated 7.3 […]

Home Security Sevenoaks

How Social Media Could Get Your Home Burgled 

Back in November 2011, we wrote about how social media could get your home burgled in this post on home security and social media. We also wrote about the potential effects of social media use on home insurance premiums. At the end of 2013, Legal & General posted an article revealing that 45% of young […]

Security Company London

Some UK Burglary Statistics Infographics 

We have been having a look at some UK burglary statistics infographics. Back in 2012, Tesco Compare published an infographic which revealed that homes without BOTH window locks and double locks or deadlocks on external doors were SIX TIMES MORE LIKELY to be burgled. In 2013, another infographic showed that having a house alarm could […]

CCTV Sevenoaks

CCTV – Effective, Affordable Security For Your Business 

CCTV, or closed circuit television, has been around since the late 1940s. It took up until the 1980s for it to become an essential business security system. Cameras mounted around an office building, car parks and property provide effective surveillance, checking for intruders and vandals while also allowing an efficient method of discovering fire or […]

Intruder Alarms Sevenoaks

Panic Alarms, peace of mind and independence 

We all want to have peace of mind when it comes to our safety or that of our loved ones. A panic alarm, can give you the assurance that help is on the way should the need arise. It can be used at home or in the workplace to protect the vulnerable. Panic alarm systems […]

Home Fire Alarms Sevenoaks

Save your life, save your home—protect your family from fire 

For most of us, our home is our biggest investment and our family is the centre of our life. Take the time to keep both safe from fire. Common causes of fire The most common causes of fire in homes in the UK are: • badly wired electrical systems, especially common in older dwellings. Trying […]

CCTV Installer Sevenoaks

Why HD CCTV? High Definition Leads The Way In Solving Crimes 

HD CCTV is so much better than analogue in very many respects. You have probably seen countless analogue images on television of crimes being committed, where shopkeepers are robbed by gun or knife-wielding assailants. Very often the pictures are so grainy and the faces unrecognisable to the extent that you wonder how on earth they […]

Home Security Kent

Kent Police Stay Safe Campaign 

Earlier in the year, Kent Police released a very simple video as part of their Stay Safe campaign. Of course, the measures listed can apply to anyone, not just the residents of Kent. Here's a checklist for vehicle, personal and home security Home security Are your windows shut and locked? Are you doors locked? Timer […]

Security Company Sevenoaks

The Battle Against Rural Crime in Kent 

Informative video by Kent Police about rural crime in Kent and steps that can be taken to prevent it. Local farmers in Kent take security seriously. They are a particularly vulnerable group who present the greatest opportunity for thieves with their isolated houses and buildings in dark country lanes with less people about to act […]

Fire Systems Sevenoaks

Next Kent Fire Service Strike Saturday 21 June – Keep Your Flat Safe From Fire 

Kent Fire and Rescue Service warn that the next fire strike will be this Saturday 21 June from 10am until 5pm. Leading up to that date and running into the Sunday, there is also a voluntary overtime ban across England and Wales from 9am on 13 June until 10am on 21 June and from 5pm […]

Fire Alarms Dartford

New Fire Systems Tested At Dartford Tunnel in May 2014 

Every day, thousands of cars use the two tunnels at the Dartford River Crossing to make the short journey from Kent into Essex. But what would happen if there was a fire in one of the tunnels? On Saturday 10 May 2014, the emergency services closed the tunnels from 10pm until 4am to run a […]

Home Security Kent

Burgled – Channel 4 on Home Security, CCTV and Burglars 

Britain is the most burgled country in the EU. In Leeds more than 250 criminals are on the street at any one time. It is Britain's most burgled city. But in the last 12 months, West Yorkshire Police have reduced burglaries by a third through a programme of rehabilitation which pioneers an initiative called Anchor. […]

Fire Alarms Sevenoaks

Tick Tock Test – Smoke Alarm Initiative From Kent Fire Service 

211 people died in fires in the home in the UK last year It's a shocking statistic, especially as over 70% of those who lost their lives were not alerted to the fire by a smoke alarm. To try to raise awareness and get people to test their smoke alarms on the 1st day of […]

CCTV Installers Sevenoaks

The Reasons Why Your Business Needs CCTV Security 

If you own a traditional bricks and mortar business a vital part of your armoury is CCTV. It can be a major contributor to helping prevent crime on your premises in the first instance, and provide vital information to the police if a crime is committed. Why your business needs CCTV security - a preventative […]

Burglar Alarms Kent

Police Advocate Burglar Alarms 

In their crime prevention advice on burglary, the Police UK website and also in the West Midlands video on top tips to keep your home safe from burglars, burglar alarms are recommended. Clearly this advice is being given out to police forces all over the country, including Kent, Essex and London. As we mentioned recently, […]

Security Company Kent

Kent Burglary Statistics to 30 September 2013 

Although a blog post from Police UK says that nationwide, crime continues to fall, their burglary statistics for the Kent area show a different story. As you can see from the graph, for Kent as a whole and also for the area of Kent around Maidstone, the number of burglaries was higher in the quarter […]

Home Security Kent

Checking Home Security – Essex Police and Operation Bisley 

Michael Armstrong, the Crime Prevention Tactical Advisor for Essex Police talks about an initiative by Essex Police in conjunction with Operation Bisley. Burglary is horrible, reduce the risk by following two or three simple steps: Make sure whatever type of front door you have, it is properly and adequately locked Ensure that uPVC doors […]

Security Company Sevenoaks

Kent Police Advice On Preventing Burglary 

Further to our post about the top 10 tips for keeping your property safe, Kent Police released a great video with advice on preventing burglary LOCK IT LIGHT IT SECURE IT Shut and lock all windows. Bolt or padlock the doors of all outside buildings. Have lights on timer switches so they come on when […]

Home Security Kent

Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Kent Home Safe From Burglars 

Following our post showing video of Kent Police in action, here's ten top tips from West Midlands Police that will keep Kent home and business owners safe. Lock your windows before you go out and keep doors locked Don't leave keys on view and within reach of windows or doors Use good quality door locks […]

Security Installers Kent

Kent Police In Action 

A couple of interesting videos from Kent Police showing their work protecting the people of Kent. Concerned about your the security of your property? No worries, we are here to help Our team are on hand 24-hours a day and on hand to assist you with any security concerns. For a FREE site survey, […]

Intruder Alarms Sevenoaks

Should I switch my burglar alarm on at night? 

Many homeowners wonder whether they should switch their burglar alarms on at night. Most because they worry about false alarms. However, further to our post about statistics which showed that the most burglaries occur in November, there was also some interesting information in the research by Liverpool Victoria about the times of day when homes […]

Home Alarms Sevenoaks

How do burglar alarms work – a homeowners guide to protecting your family 

Sometimes home owners ask us to explain simple questions like how do burglar alarms work. Find out more about our burglar alarms. How do burglar alarms work? First there is a door contact.  This is attached to the edge of your front door and the frame it fits into.  When the door is closed, the […]

Burglar Alarms Kent

Burglar Alarms: Kent House Break-Ins at 922 in October 2014 

In important news about Burglar Alarms, Kent Police stats back in January said that residential break-ins were up 11% over the previous year. In June 2014, the stats from The Justice Inspectorates showed that Kent had 3.41 burglaries in a dwelling per 1000 population. This category shows police-recorded crimes where a trespasser has entered a […]

CCTV Sevenoaks

CCTV Systems To Protect Your Business Over The Winter Months 

Following LV's announcement of police data on burglaries and break-ins, many businesses are also looking at their security systems. The long, dark nights of November have become the peak month for burglaries. But that doesn't mean that you are safe in January. The generosity of Father Christmas can be a real windfall for burglars. And […]

Domestic Security Kent

House Burglary And Break-Ins Are Most Likely In November! 

The Daily Mail drew our attention to new research by the Liverpool Victoria which shows that you are most at risk of house burglary during November. House Burglary Data Request Using a freedom of information request, LV asked all 51 police forces in the UK about the number of burglaries in their area in the […]

Intruder Alarms Kent

Watchdog Highlights Scam House Alarms Salesmen 

This week, Watchdog highlighted the dangers of buying house alarms from salesmen who cold call. Particularly vulnerable are the elderly. The company in question were trained to prey on their fears. They tried to frighten them into purchasing a house alarm. The reporters highlighted the case of one pensioner who had been persuaded to buy […]

Fire Systems Kent

Fire Prevention Advice For Businesses Re Fire Service Strike in Kent November 2013 

Kent Fire Service are reminding businesses that there will be strike action in the county. They have compiled a list of potential fire prevention advice for business premises. Fire safety legislation requires you to take account of fire risks and consider preventative measures on a daily basis. However, during periods of industrial dispute, fire prevention […]

Fire Alarms Kent

Fire alarm systems save lives and livelihoods 

Fire alarm systems save lives and livelihoods. But it’s so important to manage and maintain your system! We hear a lot in these difficult economic times about budgets being squeezed.  This is a particular worry to fire and rescue services across the country. There are real reasons to be concerned about the drain on fire […]

Security Company Kent

Crime stats matter, but look behind the headlines 

Crime stats give us important information, but it’s important to understand what’s behind the headlines, here’s why: Statistics can be confusing: I don’t know about you, but I get bamboozled by statistics! I love stats actually, they’re essential for collecting data, so that we know where we are. And they can be used to illustrate […]

Burglar Alarms Kent

UK Burglary Statistics 2013 Infographic 

Great infographic from research done for Lighthouse Security: One statistic that Spy Alarms likes a lot is that a burglar alarm adds an average of £5,162 to the price of a property. UK Burglary Statistics 2013 Infographic The researcher also looked at: Which areas in the UK have more alarms than others? Are people more […]