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Distraction Thefts in Tunbridge Wells, Westerham, Sevenoaks, Larkfield, Swanley and Edenbridge 

Most recent news from Kent Police is a warning on their website about a series of 'distraction thefts' in shops and offices in Tunbridge Wells, Westerham, Sevenoaks, Larkfield, Swanley and Edenbridge, resulting in the loss of mobile phones and cash. Many of the incidents involved two women of dark European appearance, who engage their victims […]

CCTV Systems and the London Riots 

Despite concerns that the current infrastructure of London's CCTV systems may not be up to the demands of combating terrorism, the Boston Herald cites London as having possibly the highest concentration of security surveillance cameras in the world resulting in the riots being the 'most photographed outbreak of civic mayhem ever'. Most of the people […]

London CCTV and Anti-Terrorism 

In a fascinating article, Peter Houlis talks us through the role of CCTV in the counter-terror agenda and asks whether the current legacy system, which dates back to the 1990s, can possibly cope.. The speedy identification and arrest of the July 7 London Bombers would suggest to the rest of us that our current CCTV […]

Protecting Your Home From Burglary 

In July, the Home Office published the British Crime Survey for 2010-2011 which revealed that domestic burglaries had risen by 14%. However, the 11,800 burglaries in Kent showed a decrease of 5% on last year's figures. Paul Brandon, Assistant Chief Constable of Kent Police, said: "We are pleased to see a continuing fall in overall […]

The UK Has One CCTV Camera For Every 32 Citizens 

Back in March, CCTV Image revealed that research undertaken by Graeme Gerrard, the Deputy Chief Constable of Cheshire and lead on CCTV issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), there are 1.85 million CCTV cameras in the UK, not the 4.2 million claimed by a 2002 paper published by Michael McCahill and Clive […]

London Borough CCTV System Upgrade 

According to the Guardian newspaper, the London Borough of Ealing is planning to invest £10m in a four year project to replace its existing fleet of vehicle-based traffic enforcement CCTV cameras. The new equipment will include a variety of fixed and movable wireless cameras plus some mobile CCTV cameras which are linked to automatic number […]

Internet Eyes – CCTV Monitoring in London 

When the Internet Eyes website went live in October 2010, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) was keeping a close eye on its activities and, after video footage from the service was shown on YouTube, it stepped in with a ruling which stated that from 31 July, viewers would not be able to access footage from […]

Intruder Alarms and Police Response Times 

According to the Metropolitan Police website on Operation Bumblebee, home security alarms are a worthwhile investment for the protection of your home and family as studies have shown that having a burglar alarm that is correctly fitted and maintained will make you less likely to become the victim of a burglary. The Met site also […]

Security Alarms and Operation Bumblebee 

Recent studies have shown that a visible alarm system can act as a deterrent to burglars and the Metropolitan Police website for Operation Bumblebee has given the thumbs up to home burglar alarms, stating that they are a "worthwhile investment for the protection of your home and family". The Police also recommend that all installations […]

CCTV Systems and London Crime 

Following on from the television revelations that CCTV footage was instrumental in the conviction of Levi Bellfield for the murders of Millie Dowler, Amelia Delagrange and Marsha McDonnell, the Metropolitan Police's DCI Mick Neville, who is responsible for co-ordinating their Video ID (VIDO) teams, also revealed recently that the Met continues to lead the world […]

Insurance Premiums To Rise For Social Media Users? 

Gareth Kloet, head of home insurance at, the price comparison site, has warned that insurance companies may start increasing premiums for Facebook and Twitter users after a burglary ring in Nashua, New Hampshire in the US targeted people who used the geolocation features of Facebook, which alerted the criminals that their homes were empty. […]

Intruder Alarms and CCTV Systems Video 

Spy Alarms are excited to present their new promotional video highlighting the quality of their Intruder Alarms and CCTV Systems installations in Kent and London. Call us on 01689 887 626 to find out more.

How CCTV Systems in London Work 

How the control centre for CCTV Systems in Westminster, London works. Sadly, you have to sit through an advertisement first but the good stuff comes after about 20 seconds. Spy Alarms offer their own 24/7 monitoring system for companies or homeowners who do not wish to monitor their own footage all day every day. With […]

London CCTV Systems 

The Soho Society allow us to read at first hand the inscription on a plaque commemorating the contribution of Councillor Ian Wilder to the London CCTV Systems that we know today. It reads: The residents and businesses of this neighbourhood, with the endorsement of Westminster City Council, have erected this plaque in memory of the […]

Burglaries Increase in Kent 

According to the Kent Criminal Justic Board, the latest figures from the Home Office for October 2009 to September 2010 show that crime continues to fall in Kent with 4,389 fewer crimes in Kent and Medway. Commenting in January 2011 on the news that there has been a 10.4% reduction in criminal damage and 11.5% […]

CCTV Systems for the Home and Office in Kent 

Continually hearing stories on the News about people being attacked in their homes has led to the perception that the world has become less safe. This, in turn, has amplified the public's need to put in place a variety of security measures. Some will decide to make it harder to scale their perimeter fences with […]

Reduction of False Fire Alarm Activations 

Advice from Kent Fire and Rescue on how to reduce false fire alarms If there is definitely no fire: silence the fire alarm but do not reset the control panel as this will cancel the indications required for investigation purposes check the indications on the control panel and establish the area (zone) of the building […]

Timber Framed Building Sites – Fire Prevention 

On the bus recently, I noticed that a local church had been pulled down and was in the process of being replaced by a timber framed building. It was an awesome feat of engineering, all those joints and the yellowish coloured wood made a marvellous image against the blue of the sky. However, a recent […]

Top Tips For Home Security #2 

Another top tip for home security from Martin Foster of Spy Alarms in Sevenoaks, Kent. Concerned about her home security, Mrs. Bartlett had got herself a guard dog - a beautiful Dobermann that she named Rambo. Mrs. Bartlett felt much safer with Rambo around. He growled menacingly when anyone came within ten yards of the […]

Home Security Top Tips 

A recent study on Home Security by Populus, which surveyed two thousand adults, has revealed that the average UK home inadvertently provides a shop window for attracting thieves, with an average of £1223 of valuables like televisions, electronic goods, antiques and works of art all clearly put on view for prospective burglars to see through […]

Car Keys and Home Security Installation 

Stolen vehicle recovery experts, Tracker, have announced that the theft of cars using the owners’ keys continues to rise. Latest figures show that £15.8 million pounds worth of vehicles or 84% of all cars stolen and recovered by them in 2010 involved theft of keys. It doesn't matter how good your security installation, if owners […]

A House/Business Burglar Alarm is Going Off – What Can I do? 

I was walking to work recently when the burglar alarm of a house on the other side of the road suddenly sprang into life with a strident alarm that cut through the birds singing on a beautiful spring morning. I wasn't sure what to do. There was no obvious sign of activity but the alarm […]

Top Tips For Home Security #1 

Looking out from my first floor window a few weeks ago, I noticed the chair by the fence. It was of the cheap green plastic variety and belonged on the balcony of the ground floor flat opposite. I just assumed that someone had moved it to get what little wintry sunshine was available in those […]

Security Installation With Spy Alarms 

The security and protection of people and property is the core business of Spy Alarms, based in Sevenoaks, Kent. To achieve these aims, systems have been developed in the following areas to suit all requirements and budgets: Installation and Maintenance of Intruder Alarms Installation and Maintenance of Access Control Equipment (Electronic and Physical) Installation and […]

Wirefree Burglar Alarms – Ricochet Mesh Technology 

With RICOCHET Mesh Technology, Spy Alarms are able to offer the ultimate in wirefree burglar alarms. Each RICOCHET enabled device provides signalling routes to and from Texecom Spy range control panels. Should the wireless connection between the two devices weaken, the network will self-heal and automatically re-route communications via alternate RICOCHET enabled devices. Find out […]

Access Control

Intercom and Door Entry Systems 

Through door entry and intercom systems, business access control has become a growth area within the overall security field. Physical control, with its convenience and ease of use, has contributed greatly to building and personal safety at work. Controlling who gains access to your offices with Door Entry Systems Spy Alarms have extensive experience of […]