Top Holiday Home Security Tip Now Summer Is Over

Top Holiday Home Security Tip Now Summer Is Over

As you close up your holiday homes for another year, are there ways that you can keep an eye on your second property from your main residence?

Well, yes!

Many people use CCTV to watch over their second properties, such as holiday homes.

You’ll need a decent internet connection in both properties and a CCTV system that can transmit images via the internet in the holiday home. While older set-ups won’t have this functionality, most modern units will be able to do this.

You don’t have to be at home to view your CCTV footage either, the systems we install allow you to view recorded and live footage on the go from your smart phone, laptop or tablet.

Again, you’ll still need a decent internet connection wherever you want to view your footage.

When the CCTV detects movement, you’ll get an alert on your app and you can check it out, wherever you are! Hopefully it will just be a false alarm, like this furry intruder caught on an engineer’s home CCTV system:

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With a monitored alarm system,, the operator at the alarm receiving centre can check to see what has caused the alarm and call the police on your behalf – just seconds after the alarm has been raised. And no need to worry about good internet connections.

How To Get CCTV For Your Holiday Home

At Spy, we’ve installed thousands of security systems across Kent and London, all of which started with a free security survey.

Our surveyors will design a system based on your specific needs, so you get a CCTV solution that suits you.

For a FREE quote, please get in touch with our team today.

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