Should You Buy Home Security Products?

Should You Buy Home Security Products?

On a weekly basis we receive calls asking us to install home security products that people have bought at their local DIY store. And, on a weekly basis, we have to politely decline.

Some people may think this seems rather strange. Surely we can’t make that much money out of the system, the profit runs in the installation, right?


But the profitability of our business relies heavily on the protection of our customers. If we started installing systems that we cannot rely on, and they don’t work when our customers need them most, we wouldn’t be in business very long.

There’s a reason we are NSI Gold accredited.

So what is the problem with these DIY home security products?

Well, they might not offer you the security that your specific building layout needs. What if your standard store bought system comes with 4 CCTV cameras and 6 PIR sensors. How do you know that this is enough – or even too much?

The package might only come with CCTV – which is a great deterrent, but what if you need an intruder alarm too?

Your standard store bought options don’t give you much flexibility.

Whereas, our engineers perform a home security survey where they build a system that’s tailored to both your building and your personal needs.

The second major issue with off the shelf home security products is that people tend to install the system themselves. If you manage to luck out and get a generic package that completely suits your needs, poor installation skills will probably render the system useless anyway.

Valuable industry knowledge such as how high to place cameras, which angle to point them, which areas to cover, how many PIRs you need, etc… will mean the difference between your home being secure and a burglar spotting a weakness.

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Lastly, what happens if you get a fault with the system? Do you have the skills necessary to fix it yourself or would you need to get somebody to look at it?

Most decent alarm companies will be able to take over the maintenance of installations, though you should definitely consider getting them installed professionally in the first place to avoid this. Maintenance charges can be especially expensive if you aren’t on the installer’s maintenance contract list.

Get Professional Home Security Products From Spy

At Spy, we offer a free home security survey where you will get a bespoke system that’s completely tailored to your needs.


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