House Alarm Or No House Alarm, Why Bother?

House Alarm Or No House Alarm, Why Bother?

Whether or not you should install a house alarm is something many home-owners contemplate when they first move into their new home.

Then, it’s forgotten about.

We all know the consequences of not having an alarm, the potential break-in, the loss of possessions, the sense of vulnerability in your home. The list could go on.

But why should you have a house alarm installed?

Well, statistics from UKCrimeStats show that between December 2014 and November 2015 there were 373,484 burglaries in the UK. Kent, where Spy Alarms is based, had 10,310 burglaries in this period.

Across the Thames in Essex, security also needs to be improved as there were over 12,000 similar incidents in 2015!

You might think that these stats are OK, you’re in most of the time and you follow our top tips for home security – surely nothing could go wrong?

Burglar Alarms Kent

Unfortunately, burglars are smart. Not rocket scientist smart, street smart.

They know the best time to burgle your home and they aren’t afraid to do it.

For example, burglaries don’t happen consistently throughout the year. November, when the nights are drawing in, happens to be the most burgled month in the year!


Well, it could be to do with the earlier nights, or the proximity to fireworks night and Halloween, when many people leave their houses to party until the early hours.

As an example for this time of year, it’s just been Valentine’s day.

All over the country there were restaurants, cinemas and other romantic retreats fully booked for an entire evening or weekend. Whether it’s your 30th Valentine’s day with your other half or a first date, you’re bound to have been out of the house.

Burglars know this.

Big events like Valentine’s day put your home security at risk because burglars can predict your behaviour. They know a much bigger percentage of houses will be empty on these occasions and so they take full advantage.

While you and that special someone are chowing down on spaghetti and meatballs, the criminals will be out and about looking for that easy target.

So, what this really boils down to is the question:

Are You Predictable?

If you’re thinking about getting an alarm these might be some good questions to ask yourself:

Do you go out on days like Christmas, New Years Eve, Halloween, Bonfire Night and other major events in the year?

Do you have children? School holidays can be the perfect time for you to go on holiday, leaving your house empty and giving criminals free rein to burgle as they please.

Does your car disappear and appear at the same time every day on your driveway? Even the school run can be an opportunity for a thief as the average burglary takes only 8 minutes!

Do you visit the same holiday destination every year on the same week for the same amount of time?

Do you own a dog and take it out at the same time every day?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it shows that your activities can be very predictable. In a very short time a burglar can figure out your schedule and plan the best time to break in.

A House Alarm Is There When You Aren’t

If you have a burglar alarm then even if your behaviour is predictable and a burglar can see your house is empty, the alarm will still be guarding your home. The bell-box outside is like a flashing beacon that deters even some of the most ambitious of criminals from burgling your home.

It’s not only your safety to think about, a burglar alarm can help you save on your home insurance too!

Your Next Step – Get A Free Home Survey

Burglar Alarms Kent

Here at Spy Alarms we have dedicated engineers who can survey your home and create an alarm system that’s tailored to your needs.