Do You Need A Night Vision Camera? 5 Decisive Questions

Do You Need A Night Vision Camera? 5 Decisive Questions

The night vision camera is a high precision piece of technology that allows you the super human power of being able to see clearly when your eyes just can’t cope with the dark.

Unless you’re Superman, in which case, awesome – we’re big fans of your work – no matter how many carrots you eat, you’ll never see an image as clear at night without one.

You’re probably weighing up right now whether it’s worth getting a night vision camera to add to your security precautions or to just plough along with what you’re doing now.

So let us help you decide if you really do need that night vision CCTV camera.



Night Vision Camera – 5 Deciding Questions

1. Do you live somewhere where it gets dark?

We’ll assume you aren’t just a local Kent based business and play with the idea that you live on a permanently sunny island in the middle of the Caribbean… Yeah, right.

OK, so it get’s dark.

2. Is there a camera outside of your building?

If you have, or want to install a camera outside your building then it’s worth considering making it a night vision camera. There could be plenty of street light but a normal CCTV camera doesn’t see the same way we do and the image quality will reduce significantly at night. A night vision camera can even pick up intruders that are as stealthy as the one in the image below.


Some businesses don’t have CCTV installed outside of their premises, only inside. So another option could be to just leave the lights on. We wouldn’t recommend this though, not only is this unfriendly to the environment but you’ll also rack up a big electricity bill.

3. Do you value the contents of the building?

We’re not just talking monetary value here. There could be other things in your business that are worth a lot more, such as your clients’ personal data. This firm of solicitors faced potential prosecution after two computers were stolen when their offices were burgled.

Not got a CCTV system yet? Read the five benefits of having HD CCTV for your business.

4. Do you value the building?

CCTV isn’t just about preventing a break-in.

The front of most businesses is usually lit up like a Christmas tree, whether it’s street lights or passing cars, but the back can often be secluded and the menacing youths of today can be very unsympathetic with the windows.

Unfortunately, some kids love breaking windows with stones and a good deterrent would be a night vision camera staring them in the face.

5. Can you justify the expenditure?

If you think the main thing barring your way to night vision glory is budget then think again. Technology has come a long way in the past few years, making it cheaper and cheaper.

Still can’t decide if a night vision camera is right for you?

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