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What is a smart home?

Smart Home is a term used to describe the interconnection and wireless control of domestic functions such as power, lighting, heating, telecoms and appliances via the internet – and we are constantly looking at cutting edge solutions that integrate home security with Smart Home functionality.

We have engineers based across London and Kent in areas such as Sevenoaks, Dartford and Maidstone to name but a few. 

Discover our app-controlled alarms and CCTV and see how we can upgrade your home to a ‘smart home’ today.

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Spy smart homes today

We can already offer an app powered intruder alarm that enables you to control the settings of your alarm system remotely via a smart device, such as a phone or tablet. Via the app you can turn the alarm on or off and set different zones to be active or inactive. We can also link your home CCTV to the system, so you can keep an eye on the cleaner, children, pets etc, either live or via playback.

Scenario One

While you’re out you receive a phone call from your cleaner, who’s outside your front door with a key but is worried about setting off the alarm. Via the app you’re able to disable the alarm and check via CCTV that they’ve got in ok. Later you can watch them leave and reset the alarm, all from your remote device. 

Scenario Two

You receive an alert that the intruder alarm has gone off. Via the app you rewind the CCTV images a couple of minutes and see a burglar forcing a window. You call the police. Alternatively, you see that all is quiet and secure, so you reset the alarm and avoid raising a false alarm.


Linking security to your smart home system

Keeping our customers one step ahead with technology

Smart Home technology is developing fast. As it does, we are taking stock of the products becoming available for consumers so that we are well placed to provide our customers with expert advice and install tried and tested systems that turn your home into a fully connected Smart Home.

In addition to the app powered intruder alarm and CCTV systems we currently offer, we can also offer smart locks and intercoms that will enable you to unlock your front door to let people in when you’re not there; for example, if a family member has forgotten their key or the online food shop is being delivered. When installed in conjunction with our cutting-edge intruder alarms, CCTV, door entry and fire alarm systems, Smart Home technology will give you unprecedented control over the security of your home and family, from anywhere in the world.

Upgrading to a Spy Alarms Smart Home systems couldn't be easier