Security Suggestions For Golf Clubs

Security Suggestions For Golf Clubs

If the burglar alarm on the house next door to yours goes off, it is very likely that, as a good neighbour, you would at the very least go and take a look.

If you saw any signs of entry, such as a broken window, you would no doubt call the police.

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Security at Golf Clubs

However, a golf club is a very different matter.

By and large, a golf club is, by definition, usually surrounded by a lot of very pleasant countryside, and doesn’t have neighbouring houses and properties. Indeed, the clubhouse might well be a mile or more from the nearest neighbour.

Burglar Alarms for Golf Clubs

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Under these circumstances, while a burglar alarm is a useful addition, the fact that it goes off at 2.00 am is not likely to bring neighbours rushing to the scene.

Furthermore, it may not discourage a determined thief who is safe in the knowledge that, even if it is a monitored alarm and the police are called, he has sufficient time to do what he wants to do and be away from the scene before they arrive.

The average burglar breaking into a domestic property is in the house for just eight minutes, and he can probably find what he wants in a golf clubhouse in the same amount of time.

That’s why a monitored alarm alone should not be relied upon for security at golf clubs.

Security lighting for Golf Clubs

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Of far more use in the way of security for a golf club is security lighting and CCTV cameras. Security lighting operated by motion sensors can be trained on the entry gate, the clubhouse, and the pro shop.

Of course, the lighting may well be triggered by the odd passing fox or rabbit, but better that than thieves being allowed to roam free in the middle of the night.

Golf Clubs need CCTV Systems

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HD CCTV cameras can be trained on the same areas. This will provide 720P or 1080P HD video of all persons entering the club via the driveway, and in addition to recording thieves and vandals, will also capture footage of “sneak-on” golfers who try to play without paying.

In particular, a clear view of the driveway at night is essential, since it is most likely that any vandals or burglars would enter that way. A high definition camera will identify vehicles and licence plates to provide to the police.

A camera located at the entrance to the clubhouse will capture everyone entering and leaving. Another prime area that needs a security camera that will record a good facial shot of every visitor is the pro shop. This stocks thousands of pounds worth of equipment, and it is necessary to have at least one camera covering the retail area.

One more area that needs CCTV coverage is the members’ car park. Theft from members’ cars must be prevented at all cost, and HD CCTV is the best way of achieving this.

The whole security system can be set up for remote viewing from a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This is a great feature for managers to be able to view video live from home, or even when out and about on the course. Or use our 24/7 system monitoring and management station to take the strain.

The areas mentioned are the most obvious ones that require CCTV, but, of course, your individual golf club may need to cover other areas as well.

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