When Festive Warmth Turns to Horror!!!


IFire Protection Londont was a horrible OMG moment, we’d been lulled into a cosy sense of festive warmth surrounded by Christmas lights, the kids carol concert, and especially by the magical tones of the little soloist, what a beautiful voice, lucky child.

Hmmm, not always so lucky… Those feelings quickly turned to stunned, horrified and upset when we heard what had happened to the little soloist’s home while she was singing for us.

Her house had been wrecked – not by thieves spying presents through the open curtains as they do, especially when they’re highlighted by bright lights on the tree). No. Worse than that. One of the ‘so pretty’ tree lights had burned out, overheated, just one little light and the whole tree went up in flames ‘whoosh!!!‘. (more…)

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