Fire Safety and the Duties of the Responsible Person

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Fire safety is incredibly important for every home and business premise. If you run a business or organisation by law you have to appoint a Responsible Person for Fire Safety.

If your premises are used by the public, whether you run a hotel, warehouse or hospital, the chances of lives being at risk from fire increases significantly.

Which Organisations Does Fire Safety Legislation Apply to?

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You need to delegate a competent person to be responsible for fire safety if you are:

  • In charge of premises used by members of the public
  • Offering accommodation to paying guests
  • Using any part of your home for business purposes
  • In charge of a block of flats in England and Wales

These rules still apply whether you are employed, self employed, a charity or a voluntary organisation. More information on this can be found on the Kent Fire Service site, including how to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.

The Main Duties of the Responsible Person for Fire Safety

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