Why Combine Burglar Alarms With Wired Smoke Detectors?

Why Combine Burglar Alarms With Wired Smoke Detectors?

Combining a burglar alarm system with wired smoke detectors is a service we offer to our residential customers, but why do we recommend it?

The intruder alarm systems we install have the capacity to be linked with a remote monitoring service.

This enables your system to contact our alarm receiving centre when it’s activated, so that our operators can assess the security threat to your property.

Emergency Response With Accredited Companies

While that’s good, the true advantage offered is that, if you choose a monitored system, your alarm can prompt an emergency service response, so the fire brigade or police can attend your home in the event of a real threat.

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The operators will try to contact the designated key holders first but, in the event of failed communication, will ring the fire brigade on your behalf.

Of course, you could just have standalone smoke detector units, but then you are relying on a good Samaritan to alert the fire brigade if you’re not home

We can set this up as we are NSI Gold accredited (find our NSI listing here), one of the required accreditations for police response. The system will also need to be maintained by an accredited company too.

SMS Alerts For Alarm Systems

You can have SMS and phone app alerts set up without the ARC (alarm receiving centre) monitoring your home, but this relies on you not being unconscious in your bed in order to do something about it. Or for your key holders to be ready at any time to deal with the situation.

Having somebody look after your home gives you peace of mind that if an emergency does arise, you’re protected – whether you’re at home or on holiday.

We offer residential smoke detection as an extension of your burglar alarm, so you’ll need both to get this service. Or we can add to existing systems, depending on the make and age of your alarm panel.

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