£1.5m Jewellery Burgled in Belgravia, London – How to Protect Your Valuables

£1.5m Jewellery Burgled in Belgravia, London – How to Protect Your Valuables

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On the 18th October, residents of one of the wealthiest districts in England endured a surge of burglaries. According to figures from Scotland Yard, this area has suffered sixty break-ins or accounts of robbery this year.

One victim’s home in Upper Belgrave Street, Central London, had £1.5m of jewellery taken during the raid.

Nick Howard, a Detective Constable with Westminster Police, stated, “These items are very distinctive and would be immediately recognisable.”

The twenty pieces of jewellery included

  • An ivory bangle with 18ct gold horses head
  • A Chanel wedding band
  • A gold Gucci bracelet
  • A Patek, Philippe & Co luxury branded watch, with engraved personal message – ‘To Terry, Happy Birthday, Love Patricia.’

Victims of the burglary have since offered a £25,000 reward for the return of their precious possessions.

For further details of this London burglary,  read the full Metropolitan Police report


Cash for gold scam

Burglars are now using cash-for-gold envelopes to make them look innocent of a crime. After it is stolen, the jewellery is dropped into a pre-addressed cash for gold envelope and slipped into the nearest postbox. If the cunning criminal is spotted by a neighbour or passer-by, even when confronted they will have no evidence on their person.


5 Hiding Places Burglars Target – whether you are in London or anywhere in the UK

In the knowledge that burglars will head straight to your master bedroom for jewellery, how well hidden are your current treasures? Your smart hiding spots may not be so savvy or secure after all.

In the unfortunate circumstance that your home becomes a target of a break in, preparation equals protection! Use these helpful tips to lessen the chances of a burglar being able to find your small yet high-value items.

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Avoid the toilet – Sometimes burglars are after illegal substances and cold hard cash. Drug-related or not, many burglars have become aware over the years that money taped inside a toilet cistern is a popular secret spot.


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Raiding the larder – They are now targeting food tins and searching through storage shelves.


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Underneath the welcome mat or a plant pot – Both are widely known spots for burglars to look. Don’t allow such easy access to your home!


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Under the bed – Think monsters hide here? They’ll look here too! Refrain from hiding your jewellery box underneath your bed or mattress.


How can I protect my possessions from burglars?

Safer with a Safe

Store your goods within a very strong safe that is bolted to a surface. Invest in the best. There’s no doubt that choosing the correct safe is important. Research weights, sizes and forms of access. Bolt down a heavy safe within your home, it’s impossible for a burglar to run away with.

Monitored Alarm Systems

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If your building looks un-secure, you are more likely to be targeted. A registered alarm can work as an instant deterrent, according to the Metropolitan Police.

CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems London

CCTV – With CCTV cameras, any burglar can be identified and caught. CCTV footage will provide the Police with immediate evidence to help the investigation. This type of monitoring system can deter criminals and protect your home.