3 Reasons Landlords Need A Video Door Entry System

3 Reasons Landlords Need A Video Door Entry System

A video door entry system is a great way to protect a property from unwanted visitors and Landlords, in particular, can take advantage of having them installed within their properties.

Here are three reasons landlords should have a video door entry system.

Video Door Entry Systems Protect Your Property

Letting your tenants know who is at the door before they open it provides them with the information they  need to make an informed decision. With a video door entry system they can even have an entire conversation without ever needing to open the door!

Why is this important? Well, distraction burglaries are unfortunately a part of the modern world. One criminal distracts your tenant at the front of the building, the other sneaks in through an open window or an unlocked back door and steals your possessions. This can be especially costly if the property is fully furnished.

If the distraction is good/loud enough then the criminals will have enough cover to break in using a crowbar, damaging your property in the process.

Learn more about the dangers of distraction burglary here.

Protect Your Wallet

Obviously, a more secure home will make your tenants feel safer. Some landlords here would argue that this could detract from their profits and that’s OK. Renting out properties is a great way to make money. But did you know you can increase the amount of interest in your property by making it more secure?

In addition to this, you may not want to rent out your property forever! When it comes to selling your property a recent survey by Populus, on behalf of SellingUp, showed that 37% of respondents said they would lose interest or retract their offer if they found that the property was at risk of burglary due to poor security.

So not only will it help to entice new tenants, having a video door entry system could help if you eventually wanted to sell up.

Some tenants won’t have the ability to get up and answer the door very easily, so if they can view and talk to the person outside without having to move very far it could help them immensely.

People that may not have considered renting your property will now be interested.

Did you know that landlords are obligated to install a door entry system that fits the requirements of their tenants? That means that if your tenant requires a different door entry system  to the one that you have now then you will have to install one.

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