5 Benefits Of HD CCTV Cameras For Your Business

5 Benefits Of HD CCTV Cameras For Your Business

Crisp and clear images can make the difference between catching a criminal red-handed, and letting them get away with your possessions.

How many of us have watched CCTV camera footage on the local news and thought, ‘I can’t see his/her face’? Sometimes, it seems a miracle that these fuzzy suspects are ever caught and questioned at all.

HD CCTV: 5 Benefits For A Business

1. High Definition


Undoubtedly, if someone was to attack or break into your commercial building, you would want them caught on camera. The high definition footage from an HD CCTV system, would be the perfect recording of evidence for any lawful procedure that follows.

Facial recognition is easier, quicker, and the quality is considerably higher than that of standard CCTV.

Other benefits of an HD camera include:

  • It’s easier to identify and count multiple people in one shot
  • Enhanced vehicle recording, for incidents in places such as a car parks

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2. Live Monitoring with CCTV

The difference an HD, colour or night vision CCTV camera can make to your security is incredible.

This type of monitoring enables a live view of what is happening on or around your businesses premises. Suspicious behaviour can be spotted and dealt with early before an incident takes place.

For business owners that are looking for peace of mind, high-quality security cameras can provide it. This leads us to benefit number 3…


3. 24/7 Monitoring capabilities

This is a huge benefit to businesses with large premises to cover, that could be vulnerable day and night. 24/7 surveillance allows staff and business owners to focus on their business – rather than their security.


  • Capturing on tape, a riled customer threatening your staff
  • Recorded evidence of a break-in at 2AM when your building was empty


4. External CCTV monitoring and surveillance

It’s impossible for a business owner to keep an eye on activity caught on camera at all hours. This is where external monitoring from security experts could be your solution.

With a specialist company in control of your surveillance, your pre-agreed keyholders or the emergency services can be alerted as soon as anything unusual occurs.

5. No hassle for HD CCTV

With descriptions such as high-def, covert and wireless CCTV, it’s easy to wonder what it really is you’re getting.

For HD CCTV, this much can be said – you’re getting the ultimate CCTV security for your business.

Not only is it as easy to install as regular CCTV systems, but it has approximately the same lifetime.

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