5 Ways You Can Benefit From Home CCTV At Christmas

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Home CCTV At Christmas

Home CCTV can play an important role in protecting the joy of holidays throughout the year, but there’s one holiday that’s bigger than any other in Britain, and that’s Christmas.

In 2014 billions of pounds were spent on gifts in the UK and having home CCTV at Christmas can have some pretty obvious benefits related to this.

Yet there are also some not so obvious benefits that might transform this year into the Christmas your entire family remember.

Home CCTV At Christmas

So here are 5 ways home CCTV could improve your Christmas:

1) Reduced insurance premium

Yes, having home CCTV at Christmas can reduce your insurance premium, we’ve even teamed up with Brownhill Insurance Group so we can provide you a discounted rate!

What does this mean?

You’ll have more money to spend on presents for your loved ones!

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2) Present Protection

Unfortunately all those presents sitting under your tree look just as appealing to a thief as they do your children. Burglary ruined 959 Christmases in December 2014. Having home CCTV will help to deter thieves from going anywhere near your Christmas stash. Yup – this is one of those obvious benefits.

3) Proof That Santa Visited

What better way to catch Santa in the act! Footprints have been a common sighting in homes across Britain but with home CCTV, you can catch Father Christmas on camera!

This is a sure fire way to make your children’s Christmas absolutely magical.

4) Teaching Basic Safety

You can introduce the concept of security to your older children around Christmas and teach them the importance of valuing their belongings. Ask them how they would feel if somebody took their presents away and explain the importance of being secure – shutting windows, locking the front door and other basic burglary prevention methods. Make sure you reassure them that it won’t happen as you’re protected by CCTV!

5) Peace of mind.

Christmas is all about giving, seeing your family and enjoying fantastic food. It is a Christian holiday enjoyed and celebrated by millions of people every year. Having CCTV in your home will help to stop burglary or home invasion from ruining this magical time of year.


Having home CCTV doesn’t have to be serious. Sure, it does a serious job, but with a bit of imagination you can use your CCTV system to brighten up your Christmas.

So, liven up and secure your Christmas with a bespoke CCTV system. We provide FREE, no obligation home surveys where our professional engineers will design the perfect security for you.


At Spy Alarms, we have spent the last 30 years protecting homeowners and businesses with the latest in CCTV technology. For a FREE quote, call and speak to us today.

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