6 Business Burglary Prevention Tips

6 Business Burglary Prevention Tips

Businesses can suffer from repeat burglaries if preventative measures are not taken from the first incident. If burglars can see your commercial property is lacking security, you’re more likely to be their next target. This can be a devastating ordeal for any business owner.

Protect yourself today with these business burglary prevention tips:

  1. Slow down the thief

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The longer it takes for a burglar to find the goods and escape, the more likely they are to quit their attempt. A high risk of being caught red-handed is any thief’s nightmare. Make it as hard as possible for any intruders to locate and take hold of your possessions. This may be cash, jewellery or even electrical equipment. For money and documents, it is recommended that a safe be purchased. These are specifically designed for business use.

Remember: Only grant access to the employees you trust the most. It may require that more than one employee knows the access code, but try to keep the information to a minimum to reduce risks.

  1. Highlighting the problem

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Lighting is an essential piece of security. Both internal and external lighting should be installed as a safeguard for your commercial premises. Burglars like to hide in the shadows – don’t give them that chance.

  1. CCTV Systems for a business

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With CCTV, hard evidence can be provided to both the Police and your insurance company. Not only can you capture evidence of a burglary or attempted burglary, there’s the possibility of catching any other crime your business may fall victim to.

3 more tips to deter burglars from targeting your business

  1. Lock it up tight

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High-quality locks and bolts should be fitted to external and internal doors. Vulnerable windows can be barred and locked shut.

Remember: Glass can be broken. Consider polycarbonate sheets for extra protection.

  1. Train your staff in the art of crime prevention

If you wish to keep your business secure, you must train your staff in crime prevention. All employees must be aware of the risks and simple precautions to safeguarding the property. Employees who are dealing with locking up or higher security, should be knowledgeable of the correct procedures.

  1. Intruder Alarm Systems

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A burglar is less likely to stick around if a loud alarm is set off upon entry. Not only can intruder alarm systems alert the Police of a break-in, they can be an instant visual deterrent to opportunistic thieves.

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