Automated Electric Gates In Kent

Automated Electric Gates In Kent

Whether you’re looking to secure the perimeter of your luxury mansion or just keep passers-by from having free access to the front garden of your suburban semi, its a great choice to get automated electric gates in Kent.

No more do you have to park across the driveway obstructing the footpath and leaving your rear end hanging out in the road whilst you leap out, unlock each gate and secure it to one side, before getting back in and moving the car forward onto your driveway.

What a performance!

Nowadays, you can just activate the gates with a key fob and watch the gates open like magic as you glide from the road onto your driveway and then close securely behind you.

Electric gates mean you don’t have to worry about visitors either – with an intercom system or keypad you can allow access to anyone from the comfort of your home.

Automatic Gates Kent

The keypad system allows you to let in any visitor that knows the keypad code so they can come and go as they please – until you change the code of course.

The intercom gives you complete control, when a visitor calls through, you can talk to them and assess whether you wish to let them in.


Whichever you decide to have installed, Automated gates put you in control of your property – whether that’s business or residential.

Get Automated Electric Gates In Kent

Our engineers have the experience and expertise needed to ensure your gate is right for you. So for a free security survey, where our engineers design and quote for a solution tailored to your needs, just fill in the form below with your details, now.

The gates we install are extremely good quality, giving you the security you need in front of your property.