The Battle Against Rural Crime in Kent

The Battle Against Rural Crime in Kent

Informative video by Kent Police about rural crime in Kent and steps that can be taken to prevent it.

Local farmers in Kent take security seriously. They are a particularly vulnerable group who present the greatest opportunity for thieves with their isolated houses and buildings in dark country lanes with less people about to act as witnesses.

According to the NFU Mutual, the most commonly stolen items in rural crime in the UK are as follows:

Item 2013 ranking 2012 ranking Change
Tools  1 1
ATV/quad bikes 2 3 ↑ 1
Oil/diesel 3 2 ↓ 1
Machinery 4 5 ↑ 1
Garden equipment 5 New Entry
Livestock 6  8 ↑ 2
Vehicles 7  7
Metal 8 4 ↓ 4
Tractors 9 6 ↓ 3
Trailers 10  10


Rural crime stats for Kent

NFU Mutual Statistics from 2013 reveal that, while rural crime decreased when compared with findings from 2012, it still cost the UK public an estimated £42.3m during 2012. Kent and Essex were counties which were amongst the worst affected with £1.8m and £1.9m respectively.

According to CrimeStoppers, farmers are banding together to provide the equivalent of Neighbourhood Watch across the country with Countryside Watch, Farm Watch and Rural Watch. There is also Horse Watch and 4×4 Watch. Stolen items can be reported quickly and NFU Mutual conducted a survey in 2012 which showed that these were the most widely used method for communicating crime alerts in the rural communities which took part. Kent Police’s Rural Advisory Service are convinced that if we report it, these thefts will stop.

The battle against rural crime in Kent

Check out some of the initiatives in Kent in the Kent Police Rural Matters magazine from Aug 2013.

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