Burglary Figures For Sevenoaks Town And St John’s, Kent

Burglary Figures For Sevenoaks Town And St John’s, Kent

Crime statistics for the year June 2014 to May 2015 have just been issued by Kent Police, and they make gloomy reading. Overall, there were 1,919 crimes of all types carried out in the town over the year, or 37 every single week.

From all outward appearances, the casual observer might consider the town is peaceful, but the burglary figures for Sevenoaks prove otherwise.

Burglary Figures For Sevenoaks Town In Kent

The statistics are a shock as there were no fewer than 192 burglaries during the year. In addition to burglary, there were 15 cases of theft from the person, six of robbery, 247 of shoplifting, and 226 cases of “other theft”. The police do not explain what “other theft” constitutes, but this could be something like your son’s friend who visits and steals something while in your home. It is not actually burglary, but you still lose possessions.

Ending Up In Jail Is Very Unlikely

Furthermore, the chances of finishing up in prison if you commit crime in Sevenoaks are not very high. Knowing these figures will cheer any burglar, because even if he is caught, he is not likely to finish up in jail.

Of the 1,919 crimes in total, 126 were still under investigation. However, in 308 cases the police were “unable to prosecute the suspect”. This would seem to translate as “we know who did it, but we don’t have sufficient evidence to bring a court case”. In a further 744 cases – a shade over half of the remaining cases – the police had no suspect.

Just 162 people were dealt with by a court. Of those, six were found not guilty and the court case was “unable to proceed” in a further 25.

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Just 1.72% Of Criminals In Prison

A mere 31 offenders were sent to prison. That equates to 1.72% of the total number of crimes committed in the town. So, in other words, if you are a burglar in Sevenoaks, you have a 98% chance of getting away with it, or at worst getting a community sentence.

That doesn’t say much for your chances, as a homeowner, of getting back any valuables that are stolen from you in a burglary.

There is only one sensible answer and that is to ensure that your home is protected to the fullest extent possible. After all, it’s up to YOU to secure your home.

Burglar Alarms Are Not Expensive

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Burglar alarm systems these days are not expensive to install and simply having one will reduce your chances of being burgled considerably. If your house has a highly visible alarm on the wall and your neighbour’s doesn’t, which property do you think a burglar will choose to break into?

In addition to a burglar alarm, you can also install security lighting which detects any movement on your property and switches on automatically. A CCTV camera is another good investment. Even if it doesn’t work as a visual deterrent, the police have a much better chance of catching the burglar if you have HD video footage.

With the crime figures as they are in Sevenoaks Town and St. John’s, getting your property protected is just simple common sense. This hasn’t been our first report of burglaries in Kent with harrowing statistics, will it be the last?

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