CCTV – Effective, Affordable Security For Your Business

CCTV – Effective, Affordable Security For Your Business

CCTV Sevenoaks

CCTV, or closed circuit television, has been around since the late 1940s.

It took up until the 1980s for it to become an essential business security system.

Cameras mounted around an office building, car parks and property provide effective surveillance, checking for intruders and vandals while also allowing an efficient method of discovering fire or any other form of property damage.

The latest advance in CCTV technology is the introduction of high definition security cameras that produce much clearer images than their analogue predecessors. They can also be vandal-proof.

CCTV is the best choice for a business owner who is concerned about protecting his premises. A proven deterrent to prowlers, it enables 24 hour security for a larger area with fewer people.

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A full record, day and night

The mere presence of cameras is sufficient to scare away a range of interlopers, including burglars, shoplifters and graffiti artists. It also provides the monitoring team with a long-term record of images, date stamped and ready for checking if the need arises.

Protecting staff as well as property

CCTV Sevenoaks

In various industries, staff must regularly deal with the public face to face. If, for whatever reason, things turn nasty, they can be right in the firing line. Literally, in extreme cases!

If verbal abuse escalates, surveillance cameras can catch the entire incident. Workers and night staff often feel safer knowing that, depending on the service, security personnel are watching monitors as they go about their jobs.

Crime stoppers

Studies have shown the effectiveness of CCTV in reducing crime in office car parks. Drivers remain safer, while their cars have less chance of getting damaged or stolen. Saving hassle and money all round.

High definition CCTV for crystal clear, clarity

CCTV Sevenoaks

High definition, or HD, cameras now produce crystal clear images that make identification of suspects caught on camera much easier. Analogue cameras show what has happened, but grainy images are difficult to use in a meaningful way.

With significantly higher resolution, the images from HD cameras are sharply focused and provide a wider field of view, making it easier for security people to do their jobs. The clarity of the image makes it possible to crop and zoom in on a specific detail, which is very useful if criminal proceedings result.

HD CCTV has no delay in transmission, which lets security personnel react more quickly to events. This is especially important in all manner of emergencies. Sometimes even seconds can save lives!

Entire analogue CCTV systems needn’t be completely replaced. It is usually possible to upgrade from analogue to high definition. Installing the latest technology involves simply changing the cameras and the recording devices. This means an upgrade is in reach for most small to medium size businesses.

CCTV is a clear winner for any business owner who is worried about the safety of staff, valuables or property. Upgrading to high definition has obvious advantages for those with older equipment. Our business security team are available to help. We’ll arrange a site survey, where an engineer will visit to assess your needs.

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