CCTV Systems and London Crime

Following on from the television revelations that CCTV footage was instrumental in the conviction of Levi Bellfield for the murders of Millie Dowler, Amelia Delagrange and Marsha McDonnell, the Metropolitan Police’s DCI Mick Neville, who is responsible for co-ordinating their Video ID (VIDO) teams, also revealed recently that the Met continues to lead the world in catching criminals caught on camera. He continued: ‘Our systems ensure that offenders captured on CCTV can fear being brought to justice for their actions.’

Prior to the beginning of May this year, over 1000 criminals have been identified using CCTV Systems, including 288 robbers, 158 burglars an 57 suspects for serious assaults and 19 who were involved in sexual assaults.

Identifications are up 25% on last year, including many persistent offenders for theft and anti social behaviour but DCI Neville asked the public for even greater involvement by visiting their ‘Caught on Camera’ website to see if they could recognise anyone.