Choosing The Right Burglar Alarm Installers For Your Home

Choosing The Right Burglar Alarm Installers For Your Home

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When deciding on a burglar alarm installer for your home, it is vitally important that you make the right choice. There are any number of businesses out there who describe themselves as security experts, but the truth is that many of them are one or two man businesses who might, or then again might not, provide you with the security that you need.

Remember that this is the security of your home that you are talking about, and you need to deal with a company that is not just competent but expert in the field. Criminals have become so much more sophisticated over the last few years that you need to ensure that any burglar alarm installation can deal with whatever they throw at it.

The first thing that you need to consider with burglar alarm installers is accreditation. The major standards body overseeing the security industry in the UK is the National Security Inspectorate. The NSI operates a two tier award system, the NSI silver certification, and the NSI gold certification.

What Do Burglar Alarm Installers Have To Do To Achieve the NSI Gold Standard?

In order to achieve NSI Gold Standard accreditation, a burglar alarm installer has to:

    • show close adherence to industry regulations and legislation

  • prove that all services and work provided are fully insured and
  • demonstrate high levels of staff training and development.

In addition, the installer must demonstrate that inspections are carried out regularly by approved auditors and that NSI standards are updated regularly in order to be in line with the latest practices and technology.

Can Your Installer Advise On The Different Types Of Home Alarm?

You need to ensure that your installer is competent with the different types of home burglar alarm, and can advise which is the best fit for your particular situation.

Burglar Alarm Gradings

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There are four different European grading standards:

Grade 1: Intruders are expected to have very little knowledge and limited tools. The alarm is suitable for a low risk.

Grade 2: Intruders are expected to have limited knowledge but some tools. You need an alarm which is suitable for low to medium risk.

Grade 3: Intruders are expected to be knowledgeable and have a full range of tools. For this you need an alarm suitable for medium to high risk.

Grade 4: Intruders are expected to have all tools necessary, together with sophisticated knowledge. You need a high-risk alarm.

Wired Or Wireless Alarms – What Is The Difference?

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A wired alarm system is just that. It involves some drilling of holes and other modifications which may well mean that you will need to do some redecoration after installation.

Wireless systems have a number of benefits. There is no need to worry about drilling holes, which means that if you rent the property, a wireless system is a good option. It is also a good system for historic buildings and for homeowners who may move often, since the system is portable.

However, there is one thing that you must do and that is to ensure that each unit has its battery changed regularly.

The other problem with a wireless system is that it can be subject to interference from things like a baby alarm, remote controls, microwave ovens, fluorescent lighting, and other electromagnetic devices.

You need to discuss the pros and cons for your particular situation with your installer.

How Do Kent Police Respond?

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Kent police have no obligation to respond to a burglar alarm at all. They will only do so under certain circumstances. First, the system and circumstances of activation must fall in line with instructions in the Association of Chief Police Officers policy for security systems detailed as needing a response.

Second, the police will only respond when the particular security system has not had “police response” withdrawn. This would usually be after the system has proven to produce a false alarm. Some 90% of incidents are false alarms.

Third, the police will only respond when they have sufficient resources available.

It follows that, when considering a new burglar alarm installation, you should only consider a company with the NSI Gold Standard accreditation, and that also has been in business for several years.

Home Alarms KentSpy Alarms has been in the business of security and installing burglar alarms in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and South London for many years. We have NSI Gold Accreditation and have received awards from the Metropolitan Police for the least number of callouts. We are burglar alarm installers that you can trust.

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