Christmas Burglaries Ruin The Magic For Your Children

Christmas Burglaries Ruin The Magic For Your Children

It’s nearly Christmas and your children are getting excited at the thought of unwrapping their presents!

But they aren’t the only ones.

Unfortunately burglars too are rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of unwrapping your child’s presents.

Presents Increase Christmas Burglaries

All those parcels are practically begging to be sold on for quick cash by an opportunistic criminal.


Presents are the perfect sale for thieves because they are usually still in their manufacturers packaging and an unwitting buyer could never tell that the item has been stolen.

This makes Christmas burglaries the perfect crime for criminals.

Even with some of the best burglary prevention tips we can offer, families will still have their Christmases ruined this year.

Every year, burglaries taint Christmas memories for hundreds of families.

It’s not just burglaries either, make sure your family is protected from a house fire this Winter!

Their children will grow up associating Father Christmas with the man that came through the living room window and took their presents away.

It’s not just the trauma of a ruined Christmas either, many people who have experienced a burglary become disenchanted with their own homes.

The heart breaking realisation that somebody has entered your personal space without permission and stolen the very safety you once felt, leaves some people so insecure that they have to move home.

So what can you do to stop Christmas burglaries?

Well first off, if you didn’t follow that link earlier for burglary prevention tips, follow or bookmark it now!

When you’ve done that, it’s time to start seriously considering some security solutions for your home this Christmas!

4 Christmas Burglary Prevention Tips

Don’t put all of your presents under the Christmas tree until Christmas day!

This will prevent an opportunistic thief from taking all of your presents, nicely collected in one place!

Create fake presents to put under the Christmas tree.

If you absolutely must, then create fake presents. But make sure you keep the curtains closed so burglars cannot see them! If you wrap all of the presents yourself you can even match the wrapping paper to the tree’s decorations.

If a burglar does try to steal your presents, all they’ll get is boxes filled with newspaper and maybe a bottle of water for some convincing weight.

Store your presents in several different bags and places in the loft.

If you do this then not only will the burglar have less chance of locating your presents, if he does find them it will be harder for him to grab them all.

You may even want to spread them around the house, but make sure it’s not somewhere the kids will find them!

Get a burglar alarm

Of course, one cost effective way of securing your home is to get a burglar alarm. We’ve teamed up with Brownhill Insurance Group to offer discounted burglar alarm installation when you get insurance with them!

Saving this money will enable you to spend more on Christmas presents for your loved ones!


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