Distraction burglary – Who’s knocking on your door?

Distraction burglary – Who’s knocking on your door?

Burglars are always learning and adapting their techniques. Just as we let down our guard thanks to a new home security trick, a burglar is busy working out how to best it. Bogus callers and rogue traders are a big concern for the elderly, but anyone can be a target.

Who is the stranger on my doorstep?

You see a looming shadow through the glass of your front door. The stranger knocks once or twice or rings the doorbell – but who is it?

Well recognised types of bogus callers are rogue traders and fake charities. Rogue traders will appear in what seems to be a legit uniform. They will claim to be from a plumbing or heating company, and may push their way into your home.


Fake charity callers will appear similarly, in what seems like a uniform and a donation pot or box. Do not agree to sign any contracts or disclose personal information to callers on your doorstep!

The art of distraction burglary

This type of burglar will likely call at your front door as a distraction, while their partner slips into your home through a window or unlocked back door. The trickster at your front door will use any excuse as a distraction, they may ask you if you’ve seen their lost cat or ask for a glass of water.

A common question is, “Can I use your bathroom?” If you answer yes, you’re immediately letting a stranger into your home.

Burglars are inventive with their techniques. There have been cases of burglars pretending to be the local window cleaner, just to have a snoop through your windows!

The good Samaritans downfall

Do you feel bad about closing your door on someone who needs a glass of water? That’s what the burglars are betting on. Unfortunately, if you do not know the person knocking on your door, it’s safer not to trust them.

Here are tips for keeping distraction burglars at bay:

  • Put up a sign in your front window or on your door that clearly states, ‘No cold callers.’ This way, if anybody knocks and it’s not a friend or family member, you know not to answer.
  • Only answer the door with your chain on. This will stop anyone from being able to push their way into your house.
  • Lock windows and doors before answering the door.
  • Protect yourself with a CCTV system.
  • Burglars are less likely to approach a secure home! In the event of an attempted burglary, capture video footage as evidence of the crime.
  • Never feel guilty for turning a suspicious caller away – the safety of you and your home is more important.
  • Before answering your door, take a look out of the window or through the peephole. Are you expecting anyone to visit today?
  • Always call 999 in an emergency.

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