Door Entry Systems – Which is better, Fobs or Codes?

Door Entry Systems – Which is better, Fobs or Codes?

Installing door entry systems in your business is a sensible way to safeguard both your property and your employees. Yet, there is often a debate about which method of controlling your access is the safest.

Some people say the fob is most secure. This a small device that unlocks the door when you hold it over the receiver. Swipe cards work in a similar way, but we’re concentrating on fobs in this article.

Others, however, argue that a more traditional code is better – often a four or six digit code that you manually type into an access panel.

But which one is best?

Here’s a run down of the pros and cons for Fobs Vs Codes.

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Ease Of Access

How easy your system is to use can be a big consideration when you’re choosing your access panels, and in the battle of fobs Vs codes, the humble fob has to win.

Codes require you to remember a sequence of numbers and type them in. This is fine if you have a good memory and motor control, but not all of your employees will be able to remember these digits straight away and you could end up having to open the door for them. This defeats the point in having these door entry systems.

It can also be especially hard for people with a disability that affects their motor control. A simple fob swiped over an access panel is much easier to use in this situation.

Winner: Fobs

Security – General Access Areas

For rooms that require a lot of people to have access, e.g. a front door to an office, you’ll need door entry systems that are fairly versatile when they’re compromised.

When somebody loses their fob, it’s an easy job to select the fob on the central security system and prevent that particular device from opening the door.

Access codes are compromised when they are given to people outside of your organisation. It’s impossible to tell if somebody knows your access code, unless you can read minds, so if you suspect an employee has given out a code you need to change it.

This is a problem, not because it’s hard to change, but it’s hard for people to remember new codes all the time. Not to mention the bother of distributing these codes securely, one wrong move and you have to start all over again.

Winner: Fobs

Employee Location

Sometimes you need to know where your employees are and fast. In an emergency situation such as a fire, you need to know which employees are in the building when the alarm goes off. You need to ensure you have accurate data when it’s time for the roll call.

A fob gives you this data, while a code system won’t.

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Another advantage of a fob is that you can tell who has gone where in your building. You’ll know if Jane from accounts has left the building outside of her allotted break time again, or if Geoff the cleaner is arriving early for his shift every day.

This can be great information for business owners, though you will need to inform your employees that you’re looking at this information.

Winner: Fobs

Security – Private/Single User Doors

If your business has a room that is only used by one person, such as your office, then you’ll need door entry systems that will only allow you or people you choose to enter.

In this instance, a fob can be a bit of a security risk. While both systems will prevent unauthorised access, a fob can be stolen and used without your knowledge.

In contrast, a code is in your head, and no amount of pick-pocketing will get it out. That is, unless you’re careless enough to write it down!

Winner: Key Codes


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Door Entry Systems For Your Business: The Conclusion

Though these security devices both have their pros and cons, it really depends on your individual business needs as to which is better.

Deciding on the best system for your business can be a headache, so don’t go it alone! Organise a free site survey with us and our engineers can design a solution that’s tailored to your needs.