Fire Alarms and Fire Detection Systems

Fire alarmsSpy Alarms, the leading installers and suppliers of security systems, are also expert in fire alarms. We supply, install and maintain fire alarms and fire detection systems for both residential and commercial properties.

Our expertise covers small residential or business systems to complex multi-point systems for office blocks or factory premises.

Fire safety is paramount and it keeps people and businesses alive!

Whatever your property, we can guide you to the best fire detection and alarm system for your needs.

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There are big differences in system requirements, whether for a warehouse, arena, office, hotel or block of flats, or an individual house.

You may need fire detection systems in the form of smoke detectors or heat detectors, manual call points to summon help urgently and fire alarm sounders to alert people to a fire, or fire alarm control panels.

Whatever your specification, Spy Alarms has the system to suit the needs of your building.

All our systems are designed in accordance with the latest standards and certifications and are fitted by fully trained engineers.

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