House security tips from a burglar


house security kent londonThis article on house security from the point of view of a US burglar gives an insight as to how he would target a property …. a very interesting read.  Reading this could save you money, time and heartache.

This burglar generally worked with 2 friends, the first thing that they would do is to make sure that no one was at home.  That’s easy to do, knock on the door.

With a flathead screw driver and a crowbar, ‘you can get into any house’.  A glass sliding door is a perfect spot and a favourite with buglar’s, you could if you wished open one with a ‘butter knife’.

First room of interest for the burglar and the home owner looking at house security would be the lounge, of course that is where most of the electronics live, TV, DVD, Computer consoles, hi fi equipment.

Flatscreens are an easy target as one person can carry them, as well as grabbing a lap top on there way through.  This burglar’s main focus is on electrical items as these are very easy to sell.

Master bedrooms are the second and final room of interested, flat screens, cash hidden in bed side cabinet and Jewelry.  These items are generally easy to pick up very quickly.

Most importantly it is the time that is taken, he aims to be in and out within 5 minutes 10 maximum.

It is estimated that these goods would take no longer that 30 minutes to sell.  Typically Pawn shops will take the goods regardless.

The pawn shop owner are supposed to check IDs and serial numbers.  However in many cases the pawn shop owners know him.  It’s a network.  They buy and sell it to another pawn shop, nobody is turned in.  Each person within this network make’s money, hence the addiction.

The preference for this burglar is to go where houses are close together so that he can hit five or six homes in an hour.

After a burglary you drive away sure that these items will be easily sold.

How can this be stopped I hear you say?  According to this information they are not looking for confrontation so they will target when everyone is out. School hours are generally good, as children are out and parents are at work.


House Security

So what can you do to help prevent your home from being burgled?

Don’t leave home with your blinds open.  This is called ‘window shopping‘ or ‘advertising‘ for a burglar.

The main advice that this burglar gave was ‘love they neighbor’ any type of community watch program acts as a deterrent.

So that is the view from a burglar – it is now up to you.  Are there changes that you need to make to your house security?

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