How To Secure Your Home – Spy Alarms Top Tips

How To Secure Your Home – Spy Alarms Top Tips

When considering how to secure your home, there are a few very obvious things to bear in mind.

However, the problem is that many people either don’t think about them or simply just forget them. It has to be said that, in the 21st century, you have to think “security” at all times.

You only need to make one small mistake, and you can bet that will be the exact time that your local friendly burglar is passing by. If you think about how to secure your home now, you won’t be paying for that mistake later.

Learn how to secure your home

One mistake that we see all the time is people who leave a key under the mat or on a chain inside the front door that the kids can reach when they come home from school.

All a burglar has to do is to pick up the front doormat, or put his hand through the letter box – exactly the same as your child!

Do you think they don’t know that?

Did you know that you can get an app that will open your garage (or other) door remotely from your mobile? So little Johnny can come home from school, ring you to let you know that he’s home, and you can open the door for him.

Secure your home, even if you are just popping down to the shops.

Please, please, please, always remember to put the alarm on – even if you are popping down to the local shop. The average burglar is in your home for just eight minutes, but in that time they can destroy your life.

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Lock those windows. Even the smaller ones. A burglar can reach in through a small window, and unlock the bigger one that is next to it. Alternatively, he can bring along a young child who can easily get through a window, even if he can’t.

Close and lock doors and windows, even if you are in the garden doing some winter digging.

Always lock the garage, and don’t leave tools lying about. The odd hammer here or there, or even a garden spade, can be used to smash a window very easily.

Beware Of Facebook

DO NOT tell everyone on Facebook that you are going away for Christmas.

Burglars have been known to have a Facebook account and will be absolutely delighted to learn that you and the family are spending the holiday at grandad’s 100 miles away.

Facebook recently celebrated ONE BILLION people on its website at the same time – that’s about one seventh of the world population, or about three quarters of the population of China.

Don’t you suppose there might be a few burglars in amongst that lot, especially if they just happen to be your uncle’s stepson and know where you live?

When you think about how to secure your home, you probably don’t think of trees and hedges.

You may not be a gardener, but overgrown shrubs and trees give unwanted visitors exactly what they want – privacy. If they cannot be seen from the road or from your neighbour’s garden they can go about their business unhindered.

Don’t leave the car on the drive with the keys in it. Yes, we know you are just unloading the Christmas shopping, but so does any passing thief.

Finally, if you don’t have one already, a burglar alarm is the best way to protect your home from those who would ruin your Christmas. If you do have one, proper maintenance can ensure a more reliable service from your burglar alarm and can give you complete confidence in its continued performance.

Keep safe over Christmas – you owe it to yourself and your family.

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