How To View Your CCTV On Holiday

How To View Your CCTV On Holiday

Going on holiday is meant to be relaxing and stress free, so why should you need to learn how to view your CCTV on holiday?

Simply because burglars target houses where the owners have gone on holiday. They don’t have to be psychic to find this information out either, all they have to do is use social media, carefully observe your home or sometimes they can even just get lucky.

Why You Should Make CCTV Part Of Your Holiday Planning

In February 2016, a homeowner managed to catch an opportunist burglar mid-break in using a WiFi CCTV webcam. On holiday in France at the time, the distressed man saw the intruder break into his house via an online connection. Because of this CCTV, he had the opportunity to alert a neighbour, who chased the burglar away and called the police.

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Thankfully, the burglar was later arrested and the homeowner was saved from the anguish of burglary. It would have been an emotionally crushing return home after their holiday had they not been able to view their CCTV while they were away.

How To View Your CCTV On Holiday

Technology has advanced so that this type of home protection is widely available and relatively inexpensive. In fact, we’ve installed well over 15,000 security systems across Kent and London in our [spy-age] years of trading and we’ve watched as the technology gets better and better.

This advancement means that you can now get a mobile app and view your CCTV wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a good enough internet connection.

The app will appear as the picture below does, with your cameras visible to you as a live stream. Obviously the better your internet connection the clearer the images will be, so if you’ve got access to WiFi, it’s best to use it (especially with data roaming charges).

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With notifications that can tell you when the camera detects movement, you could be sunning yourself in Spain and still be in control of your home security.

It’s not just burglary you have to be wary of, what about the family pets? If you have somebody coming round to feed your cats, wouldn’t you be more comfortable knowing that they had definitely been in?

What if you’re planning on leaving a couple of teenagers at home so you can have a romantic weekend away? The words ‘party’ and ‘free house’ are enough to send a shiver down any parent’s spine. With a CCTV system, you can ensure this doesn’t happen!

So, make this part of your planning before your next holiday and you and your family can stay safe in the knowledge that your house is being protected.

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