6 Reasons To Install Intercom Systems For Home Use

6 Reasons To Install Intercom Systems For Home Use

Controlling who comes in and out of a building isn’t just for businesses, you can get intercom systems for home use too, but why should you?

Well here are our…

6 Reasons To Install Intercom Systems For Home Use

1) Crime Statistics

Statistics from UK Crime Stats show that in 2015 there were over 32,488 violent crimes committed in Kent.

Having a barrier between you and the person on the other side of the door puts you in a position of control. They won’t just barge in when you open the door because there’s no need to open the door!

2) Shared Occupancy

Let’s face it, sometimes your neighbours just aren’t the type of people you would choose to spend time with and, if you live somewhere that shares a front door, sometimes you just can’t avoid them.

Being able to see who is on the other side of that door will let you decide if you want to engage with these people or not. If it’s the neighbour’s potentially unstable friend, maybe it’s not a good idea to let them in.

You don’t even have to let them know you’re in for that matter. A video intercom system will let you see the other person, so you don’t have to talk to them!

They buzz and the video image appears for you to check.  You can just ignore them and they will never know that you were actually home.

3) Disabled Access

Some residents just don’t have the ability or energy to get up to see who’s knocking at the door. As such, some intercom systems have an unlocking mechanism in them that allows you to remotely open the door just by pressing a button.

4) Large Properties

People that live in large properties with lots of stairs or miles of corridors might not be able to get to the door before the visitor leaves.

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As useful as a doorbell is, it only works one way. An intercom will enable you to tell the visitor that it might take a couple of minutes to get to the door so they don’t leave before you get there.

5) Cold Callers

We’ve all experienced it. You’ve just put in your last load of washing and you’re taking a quick 5 minute tea break before the hoover comes out. You’re trying to relax for a minute and the doorbell rings. It’s another cold caller who wants to sell you double glazing.

Then, as you’re stood there, politely waiting for them to finish their sales pitch before you can say no, all you can think of is the cup of tea that’s getting cold on the side.

Intercom systems bypass this, so you can sit there in comfort letting the sales person talk to a box in the wall as you put the receiver on your lap and drink your tea.

An intercom system could also save you from the dangers of a distraction burglary, find out more here.

[cta link=”/door-entry-systems” title=”Who Are You Letting In?” heading= “Who Are You Letting In?” button=”Click here” button_on=”yes” img_on=”yes” img=”http://www.spyalarms.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/video-intercom-systems.jpg”] If you don’t know who you’re opening the door to, how can you know it’s safe? Find out more about door intercom systems for home use here.[/cta]

6) Easy To Use

Door intercoms are easy to use and are reliable. You don’t have to worry about installation either, our experienced engineers can take care of that. From double height panels that are easy to access for wheelchair users to Braille buttons, the intercom systems for home use that we supply can be used by anyone.

Installing Intercom Systems For Home Use

At Spy we’ve been installing home intercom systems for years, with over 15,000 security installations across Kent and London.

We offer a free home security survey where our engineers can tailor a system to your exact needs.

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