Protecting Yourself Against Intruders The legal way

Protecting Yourself Against Intruders The legal way

Here at Spy Alarms, we are dedicated to giving homeowners the best security advice and protection available. As crime statistics rise, more and more residents are taking action to protect their possessions. What happens when you wake at 4 AM, only to be faced with a stranger in your home?

Would you know how to defend yourself against an intruder? Here are 4 things you need to know:

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Protecting yourself against intruders

Firstly, you are permitted to use ‘reasonable force’ against someone who has forced their way into your home.

“Victims do not have to wait to be attacked if they are in their home and fear for themselves or others.” – BBC Self Defence Q&A

In some cases, use of a weapon is permitted as a ‘heat of the moment’, fight or flight response by the burglary victim.

The Q&A states, “These guidelines also apply if someone, on the spur of the moment, picks up an item to use as a weapon.”

Though, whether this is a legal action or not is decided upon within each individual case.

When protecting yourself against intruders, you absolutely must call the police!

Prosecution will proceed if you:

  • Do not contact the police immediately on ‘999’ as soon as you are aware of a break in
  • Assault the intruder or continue to attack the intruder if you are not in immediate danger from them. Eg. The intruder is backing away or on the floor. Which brings us to point number two…

Pursuing the thief – Is it legal?

Protecting yourself against intruders is legal, and it is possible to follow specific actions to ensure it. For instance, you can tackle a burglar to the ground and perform a citizen’s arrest. However, you must not further assault the criminal. You must wait until the police arrive before taking any further steps.

Pre-planned attacks are also illegal.

Death of an intruder

Death resulting from injuries inflicted in self-defence will not warrant the householder’s prosecution. Though it is very important to note, that any action considered to be a disproportionate force is not protected under the law.

Security is the best line of burglary defence

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4. Burglary prevention is key

So, you’ve woken up in bed at 4 AM and you can hear heavy footsteps and movement downstairs. But, what if you could have avoided the situation completely?

By installing home security, such as a burglar alarm, not only will you get a better nights sleep – but you’re statistically safer too. 90% of convicted burglars stated that they would avoid a home that has an alarm system in place!

Protect your home with a free security survey

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As homeowners ourselves, we understand that you might be concerned about security. We are here to assist you every step of the way and help provide you with peace of mind. For a FREE home security survey, please get in touch with our Kent or London team today.