Reduce The Fire Risk At Home – Bedtime Safety Check

Reduce The Fire Risk At Home – Bedtime Safety Check

Every year, around 30 children are killed due to house fires. This harrowing statistic from Kent Fire & Rescue highlights the importance of fire safety.

To reduce the fire risk at home, we’ve shortlisted the main factors to be aware of before settling down for a good night’s rest…

Use our bedtime safety check (below) to safeguard your loved ones from accidental fires.

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Reduce fire risks

Fire Alarms Kent

Follow our bedtime safety check to reduce the risk of accidental fire within your home. Smoke alarms should be tested once a week and fitted on every level of the property. This will ensure that you are alerted about a fire immediately, whether you are on the lower floor or tucked into bed. Throughout winter, many homes use electrical equipment such as heaters or blankets for extra warmth. It is important to switch this equipment off before sleeping as unattended electrical equipment could catch fire.

Plan to save lives

Everyone in your home should know the emergency exit and a fire escape plan. Planning in advance will save mistakes that could cost lives in a real emergency situation.

Is your child having a sleepover? Read through the bedtime safety checklist to make sure everything is as safe as possible.

Are there toys on the hallway floor? Keep walkways clear, in an emergency people could panic and trip on any loose objects. Exits should not be blocked in any way. Batteries from other devices should not be taken from your smoke alarm.


We will ensure your home is safe from fire

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