Why Safecontractor Accreditation Helps Businesses

Why Safecontractor Accreditation Helps Businesses

With almost every passing week, it seems there is more and more health and safety legislation enacted. This can make it very difficult for businesses to keep up.

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If you are operating a business, you need to ensure that every contractor that you use complies with the law. This makes sure that you do not unwittingly create any danger for the public who visit your premises, or use your services, and also your employees. Ultimately, you are responsible for the contractors that you use.

The Safecontractor accreditation scheme was set up in the 1990s to help businesses and homeowners to make certain that the contractors they employed adhered to all the current legislation at the time. As it has expanded, so too has Safecontractor.

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Today, some 220 major corporations such as Debenhams Retail plc, General Motors UK, Kellogg’s, Home Retail Group, and many more, use the Safecontractor service to ensure that they do not break the law.

Safecontractor Accreditation – What is it?

Safecontractor has extremely high safety standards, and rigorously audits contractors who wish to apply to be registered. It ensures that their health and safety standards and procedures meet, and preferably exceed, the requirements of current regulations.

There are many benefits for clients, since Safecontractor has over 22,000 registered contractors in many different fields. Companies such as Greggs, who have over 1,400 UK outlets, employ a wide variety of contractors at their various branches.

In the past, they had to go through the process of qualifying a contractor every time they needed a plug fitted to a kettle or a window repaired. Now they can simply select a contractor from the Safecontractor accreditation list, which saves them time and money.

From a contractor’s point of view, being Safecontractor accredited means that they stand a much better chance of obtaining work, not only from major corporations, but from smaller businesses and homeowners as well.

Now you know the benefits to a business, find out what Safecontractor means for homeowners!

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