Security Installation With Spy Alarms

Authority accreditationThe security and protection of people and property is the core business of Spy Alarms, based in Sevenoaks, Kent.

To achieve these aims, systems have been developed in the following areas to suit all requirements and budgets:

Wired and Wireless Intruder Alarms

From standard audible alarms to highly sophisticated systems linked directly to a central monitoring station, the common aspect of all Spy Alarms systems is their effectiveness and reliability. Apart from installing alarms in existing buildings, systems can be integrated into a new building project (domestic or commercial) or expanded to protect structural alterations or a new extension.

Access Control

Access control has become a growth area within the overall security field. Physical control with its convenience and ease of use has contributed greatly to building and personal safety, whilst electronic control can track employees and visitors throughout a building. Spy Alarms will discuss individual customer’s requirements and develop a customised system to suit their needs.

CCTV Systems For The Home Or Business

The effectiveness of CCTV cameras and their subsequent proliferation has led to significant improvements in their design and performance. Systems large or small can be installed based on overt or covert surveillance, linked to one or more monitors. Demonstrations can be arranged from one camera linked to a home television to a 360 degree dome camera linked to a digital recorder, computer system and off-site modem.

Fire Alarms

To emphasise the importance of effective, reliable and efficient fire alarms is to state the obvious. Spy Alarms has a wealth of experience and expertise in this vital field and will design and install the optimum system to protect life and property.

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