FIRE SAFETY – Top Tips for Top Smoke Alarms Performance

FIRE SAFETY – Top Tips for Top Smoke Alarms Performance

Smoke Alarm Tips

Fire Safety Kent

• Smoke alarms should be installed in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home.

• Combination smoke alarms that include both ionization and photoelectric alarms offer the most comprehensive protection. An ionization alarm is more responsive to flames, while a photoelectric alarm is more responsive to a smoldering fire.

• For the best protection, smoke alarms should be interconnected, so they all sound if any one of them sounds.

• Purchase smoke alarms from a reputable retailer you trust.

• Choose alarms that bear the label of a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

• Install smoke alarms at least 10 feet from cooking appliances to reduce the possibility of nuisance alarms.

• If possible, alarms should be mounted in the center of a ceiling. If mounted on a wall, they should be six to 12 inches below the ceiling.

• Avoid locating alarms near bathrooms, heating appliances, windows or ceiling fans.

• Never paint over a smoke alarm.

• Smoke alarms should be tested once a month by pressing the TEST button.


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Fire Safety Kent

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