Stay Safe from Burglary

Stay Safe from Burglary

It only takes seconds to stay safe from burglary.

The above scene is a harrowing shock for anyone to come home to.

As you can see, the place is completely trashed. The floor is strewn with the debris of upside-down furniture. Books litter the floor, jumbled with little knickknacks and sentimental ornaments. Even the storage boxes have been thrown mercilessly amongst the mess.

Items judged as worthless by the burglar are the owners’ private and personal belongings. These have been pawed and then cast aside as so much rubbish.

The camera then pans over to the window. It had been left open.

The homeowner had wanted to let in some fresh air on a nice day. They had then gone out, forgetting all about it.

Now imagine that scene you are looking at is your home. How would you feel if an intruder trampled all over your property?

To know that a stranger had handled all the personal stuff that is important to you?

Stolen jewellery from a close relative who has now passed away? Irreplaceable memories.

Or your laptop? Think of the hassle and inconvenience if a lot of important information for work was on it?

Now wonder about the emotional trauma for whoever opened the front door to discover this mess? It’s more than just material damage that gets left behind.

Stay safe from burglary

Think seconds. It takes seconds to burgle your home. It takes seconds to keep your home safe from burglary. Remember to lock all windows and doors before leaving the house.

This video is part of Kent Police’s Stay Safe Summer Campaign.

Make sure your home stays safe from burglary. Learn the best ways to protect your house and garden from casual thieves.

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