The Cost Of House Alarm Systems

The Cost Of House Alarm Systems

House alarm systems have become a common security feature for many homes in the 21st century, yet some homes still haven’t installed them.

Why? For a lot of people it’s the cost that puts them off. Times have changed though, and so have the prices.

So what does it cost to get a house alarm system in 2016?

First off, the best thing you can do is think of the return you’ll get from a security alarm.

Now, add up in your head how much you think that’s worth. Your family’s safety and their mental well being…. A lot, right?

Not to mention that, following a burglary, families are far more likely to move home due to the stresses associated with it.

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How much should House Alarm Systems cost?

Thankfully, burglar alarms aren’t priced at what they’re actually worth, though you have a choice in how much you wish to invest. A choice that could mean the difference between suffering a home invasion, or not.

These days you can pick up a cheap, DIY burglar alarm system for less than £100. While a professionally installed system can start at around £700, increasing the larger and more advanced the system becomes.

Why do prices differ so much for House Alarm Systems?

Well, some alarm systems offer many more features than others, your cheap DIY system for example, won’t necessarily be able to do everything you need it to. Or perform as accurately as you need it to.

Of course the professional engineer costs more because you will be paying for the labour costs that you save with the DIY system. Though in reality, you might still need somebody to install the system for you and if you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.

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Cheaper systems won’t have the benefit of being installed by a NSI Gold accredited security company. The accreditation, which we have, proves both competence in installation and reliability in action as it ensures your alarms are in the optimal places, providing maximum protection and coverage for your home. Something that reduces false alarm rates and sleepless nights!

Some of the cost from the professionally installed systems can also be put down to monitoring services, whereby house alarm systems can be set up to call the police if triggered.

When your alarm goes off and there is a burglar in or around your home, do you want to be left to fend on your own, or would you like the reassurance that a police car will be on its way ASAP?

You won’t get that with your home installed alarm and this can make the difference for a lot of people between cheap and professional installations.

Get A Quote For Your House Alarm System

Before you decide to go for the cheaper option, take a second to think about how much your family’s security is worth.

We offer a free home security survey where we can design a tailored alarm system that caters for your budget and family’s needs.