Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Kent Home Safe From Burglars

Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Kent Home Safe From Burglars

Following our post showing video of Kent Police in action, here’s ten top tips from West Midlands Police that will keep Kent home and business owners safe.

  1. Lock your windows before you go out and keep doors locked
  2. Don’t leave keys on view and within reach of windows or doors
  3. Use good quality door locks – rim and mortice preferably
  4. Lock valuables away in a safe
  5. Use timer switches for lights and false tvs to give the impression you are in
  6. Use an Alarm, it will make a burglar think twice
  7. Mark your property with UV or DNA marker fluid
  8. Lock outdoor equipment away – padlock the shed but also padlock expensive machinery to something solid within that shed
  9. Plant harsh spiky plants along garden fences
  10. Lock up your ladders – don’t give burglar a way in

Remember, anything that forces the burglar to take more time, make more noise or look more conspicuous is worth doing!

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