Vehicle Crime – Stay Safe, Don’t be a Victim

Vehicle Crime – Stay Safe, Don’t be a Victim

This video on vehicle crime is part of the Stay Safe Summer Campaign by Kent Police.

The father and his daughter arrive at their destination, unclip their seat belts, climb out of the car and go on their way. They are so eager to leave that they forget to lock the car door.

Within seconds the car thief strikes. He opens the glove compartment, grabs the handbag, removes the satnav and snatches the CDs.

He even pauses for a split second to help himself to a jelly baby. To his mind, the vehicle crime is an easy job well done. All within seconds.

He is even cheeky enough to purloin the camera recording his robbery in the vehicle. Crime takes seconds. It takes seconds to lock your car door, activate the alarm and double-check.

Don’t be a victim. Make sure you stay safe from vehicle crime on your day out.


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