Vehicle Theft – Be Aware

Vehicle Theft – Be Aware

Vehicle theft. It’s not always from an empty car.

Another thought-provoking video from Kent Police’s Stay Safe Summer campaign.

The woman unlocks the car and throws/puts her handbag on the passenger seat – we’ve all done it!

As she goes to get into the car, a woman passerby asks her a question.

She is distracted for a few moments and turns to answer. Whilst she is talking, the accomplice opens the passenger door and takes her bag.

A great double act that takes seconds.

Another version is where you stop at a red traffic light. Whilst you are stationary, a thief on the pavement opens the passenger door and steals your handbag from the passenger seat.

Be alert and keep your doors locked whilst out driving.

And avoid vehicle theft from your property with automatic gates.

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