Why Security Lights And Locks Aren’t Enough

Why Security Lights And Locks Aren’t Enough

According to statistics from an FSB article, business security measures are lax in Britain. Incredibly, 60 per cent of small and medium enterprise respondents in the UK rely on locks and security lights to protect their business, while two thirds of these enterprises didn’t even have these security measures operational during working hours.

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In all honesty, it’s no surprise that security lights might not be needed during working hours, especially during the Summer as days are longer and nights shorter.

The more problematic statistic we see here is that businesses aren’t using their locks during the day, which takes their total number of functioning security measures down to… well, none.

You might feel that locking your business during the day is a hassle to your customers and we’d probably agree. So what do you do to protect your business during the day?

How to secure your business during the day

We’d recommend using an access control system to secure the entrances to your business. The systems we install include aspects such as keyless fob entry, manned access systems, key codes and swipe cards.

These systems can be complicated:

  • rigged up to computers and a central database of users for the ultimate in access control

Or simple:

  •  standalone security devices that just require the odd bit of maintenance to continue keeping your business safe.

Do I still need to lock my business up?

While we do think access control is a great way of reducing the monotony of locking your doors manually during the day, that’s not to say you shouldn’t use locks when the business is out of hours!

Good quality locks play a pivotal role in the security of your business.

So, why haven’t these businesses invested in access control?

Well, to be honest we aren’t entirely sure. Surprisingly, two thirds of the survey respondents said they would be prepared to invest up to £10,000 in improving the security of their premises.

Unfortunately we have to surmise that these essential security solutions just aren’t a priority for many businesses. Despite the risks to both employees’ safety and the loss of possessions, businesses still think that having no security during working hours is OK.

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